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1. Lack of belief in the process of normal natural labor and birth

2. Having someone in the room during labor who makes the laboring mother uncomfortable

3. Having an audience at home or in the hospital during labor

4. Being spoken to unkindly by any care providers-nurses, midwives, doctors in the hospital

5. Having a care provider who has little experience or knowledge about the natural process of labor

and birth but who has knowledge about the pathology of labor and birth.

6. Having unresolved issues in the relationship with the father of the baby.

7. Previous sexual abuse

8. Previous loss of baby

9. Previous bad labor and birth experience

10. Having a controlling personality/unable to let go/unwilling to take suggestions from birth team

11. Having a people pleasing attitude and not communicating true wishes to birth team

12. Unsure about becoming a mother-feelings of inadequacy

13. New role with spouse-will I still be sexy, attractive, etc.

14. Focused and worried about mother’s, sister’s, or friend’s bad labor and birth experience.

15. Belief that a surgical birth would just be easier.

16. Second or third (or more) baby-Knows how much work is ahead and hesitant to let go and make it happen

17. Career woman may be resentful that baby is going to hamper career goals

18. Poor nutrition during pregnancy-not taking it seriously enough

19. Baby’s position-mal-presentation, posterior

20. Cervix has not effaced or moved from posterior to anterior position before labor begins

21. Exhaustion-not sleeping or resting in early labor

22. Not eating and drinking in labor

23. Going to the hospital in early labor and not going back home if she’s not 5 CM dilated

24. Going to the hospital soon after water breaks

25. Fear of hospital

26. Cervical scar tissue

27. Being stuck in bed

28. Having bright lights on

29. Strangers walking in and out of the room

30. Nurse shift change can unsettle a mother who has grown to trust her nurse

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