And Jackai said, “It changed everything!”
Dr. Stephen Yip and Jackai Yip, P.A. (physician’s assistant) took classes with the author of Natural Childbirth the Bradley® Way.

This is their first baby and Jackai’s labor starts with the water breaking, close to her due date, but no contractions until the next morning. They had changed to an “out of hospital” Birth Center staffed with nurse midwives and licensed midwives, who practiced evidence based care concerning the water breaking without contractions. Jackai’s temperature was monitored and, in the absence of a temperature, she could wait for labor to start on its own for a full 48 hours, which almost always does the trick.

Untrained mothers who start this way, without contractions, often end up induced within 12 hours or less, which is a harder labor with a high rate of failure and then often ending in a c-section, particularly with first time mothers. But not Jackai! Her informed choice of supportive caregivers contributed to her healthy mother/baby natural birth.

Hear how she and Stephen deal with an on-again/off-again labor, using what they learned in their Bradley Class and in the book, Natural Childbirth the Bradley® Way. As you hear their story, it is clear that Stephen and Jackai used all the skills they learned in class and believe the outcome would have been entirely different if they hadn’t taken the classes.