Stack Of CashI’d be rich if I got a dollar for every time I hear a pregnant mom say, ”I have a feeling my baby is coming early.” Did you know that the average pregnancy is 41 1/7 weeks? It usually takes more than 40 weeks to grow a healthy full term baby!

Do you have a plan if your baby doesn’t arrive early, or on your due date?

This is such a common occurrence. Most expectant parents aren’t aware that not only will labor be more productive, easier, and shorter if they wait for labor to start on its own, but most babies will be healthier and safer if you have patience and wait. 

Solution #1 Acupuncture – This 2000 year old practice is safe and it works!  You’ll want to find an acupuncturist who specializes in pregnancy.  It’s best to start treatments at 36 weeks. Acupuncture does everything from getting babies into just the right position, helping prepare the cervix to ripen, shortening labor, and easing labor pain. You can find lots of studies that prove it is not only safe, but also very beneficial to you and your baby.

Solution #2 Nature’s Sunshine 5W – This is an herbal supplement you have to buy from a Nature’s Sunshine distributor. According to the company, women should begin taking it 5 weeks before their due date. It has numerous herbs that tone the uterus to make it stronger for labor, while supporting the glandular and hormonal system. According to my herbalist, it has been known to shorten labor to 10 hours or less.

Solution #3 Sex – Yes! That’s what I said! Clitoral stimulation that causes an orgasm causes production of oxytocin, the hormone that stimulates contractions. Now it may not cause labor to begin but those contractions can help your cervix ripen so it may efface and dilate easier once labor begins. Semen also has natural prostaglandins. These are hormones that soften and help to ripen the cervix. So go ahead and enjoy each other!

Solution #4 Walking – This simple, daily activity not only keeps you healthy but it helps your baby get settled into the right position which can help put pressure on your cervix. If you can’t walk for long periods of time then take frequent short 10 minute walks.

Solution #5 Nipple Stimulation – If you rub or massage or orally stimulate the nipples, your body will produce oxytocin, the hormone that causes contractions. You can use oil or get in the bath or shower and use gentle soap. Rub or massage them for 15 minutes at a time or until contractions last 45-60 seconds long.

As the days pass try to stay in the moment. Distract yourself and try not to think too much about how anxious you are or how tired of being pregnant you are. Keep eating well. Stay hydrated. Discuss all of these options with your caregiver. Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader should contact a licensed medical professional regarding their own condition.

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