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I am here to remove the fear and unknown about pregnancy, labor, and birth.  Let me help you create your safest, healthiest, best birth possible.

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You might be feeling exactly the same way I did 26 years ago.  SCARED!  When I was pregnant the first time, I was absolutely terrified. I didn’t really know I was terrified because I was in denial!


 I’d like to change that feeling for you to a feeling of confidence.  I have a passion for helping to guide you to find your best birth.


I was blessed to learn about The Bradley Method® of Natural Childbirth. My teacher, and the Bradley Method® transformed my whole experience of pregnancy, labor, and birth. The knowledge I got in my childbirth classes replaced the immense fear I had surrounding birth and even parenthood.

I’d like to help you find your vision for your own ideal birth.


I found such a profound strength and power through my birth experiences of my daughter and then my son. It lit such a passion in me to help parents-to-be have safe, healthy birth experiences. 

I’ve been teaching yoga and practicing Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and teaching Prenatal Yoga for over 17 years. My passion for prenatal yoga was inspired by my own pregnancies and natural birth experiences and also my passion for teaching natural childbirth. Over the years, my fervent belief in the power of women and birth has grown and grown. I began by teaching fitness for over 2 decades, and worked at some of the world’s leading spas: The Golden Door, Cal-a-Vie, and Rancho La Puerta. I feel that God led me right to where I am today. I’ve been teaching The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth for 24 years! I have a passion for helping mothers have positive birth experiences.

In addition to teaching my Bradley Method and Yoga classes at Babies in Bloom, I am also teaching at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas. I give tours of the Birth Pavilion, teach Childbirth Classes, Teach Breastfeeding Classes, and assist the lactation consultant at the Scripps Breastfeeding Support Groups.

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FAQs About Prenatal Yoga:

1. When Should I Start Practicing Prenatal Yoga?
Some women start practicing prenatal yoga as early as 5 weeks into their pregnant, before they have even seen their care provider! If you’re not sure, wait until you see your doctor or midwife, so you can ask if it’s okay for you to start practicing yoga during your first trimester of pregnancy.  So unless your doctor or midwife told you to wait for some reason, come on in to Babies in Bloom and get started!
2. When Should I Stop Practicing Prenatal Yoga?
It is really up to you, and your care provider, if you have any special conditions in your pregnancy. I once had a prenatal yoga student, expecting twins at the age of 43, who practiced up to 41 weeks gestation. She went into labor a couple of days later. Yoga is one great way to learn how to listen to your body. Take cues from your body and you will know what feels right.
3. I’ve never done yoga before. I’m feeling a bit intimidated because I don’t know what to expect.
Well, you will be in good company! Many of my students are trying yoga for the very first time, or they may have practiced years ago, or only practiced in the gym a few times. I do get some very experienced yoga practitioners, but when you add a big belly and a growing baby, it pretty much puts everyone on the same level. I try to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable because I know how intimidating trying something new can be. When you walk in to the room and see all those pregnant women, and their expanding bellies, it’s a wonderful feeling, because you belong there too.

Some things to note:

  • Come early so you can get settled and visit the restroom, and so class can start on time.
  • Don’t wear any scented lotions, powders, or perfumes. Pregnant moms are very sensitive to smell.
4. What Should I Bring To Prenatal Yoga?
If you have a yoga mat, bring it! If you don’t have a yoga mat, we have mats to borrow.You can buy good yoga mats at great prices at Yoga Direct.
5. What Should I Wear To Prenatal Yoga?
Wear clothes you would normally exercise in and make sure you’ve got some maternity yoga pants. Click here:  Fold Over Belly Jersey Knit Maternity Yoga Pants, Grey.
6. How Much Does Prenatal Yoga Cost?
Our class prices are $10-$15, well below the average price of $17-$20 for yoga classes in San Diego County.Packages are 6 for $74, 10 for $114, 15 for $155
7. I’m already in my third trimester of pregnancy, Is it too late to start doing prenatal yoga?
No it’s not too late to start! Actually studies show that women who practiced yoga three times a week in their last 10 weeks of pregnancy had shorter labors and experienced less labor pain.
8. I have some pretty bad heartburn, so forward folds and downward dog are probably out of the question. Are there any solutions?
A lot of my students suffer from heartburn. And there are quite a few solutions to this problem. Quite a few students have tried these:

  • Chew on Papaya Tablets before and sometimes during class
  • Take Digestive Enzymes before each meal and before yoga class
  • Stir 1 tsp of baking soda into 6 oz. of water and drink quickly
  • Raw almonds eaten throughout the day helps to reduce stomach acid
  • Fresh pineapple or papaya help digestion
  • Chew gum
  • During yoga use the wall for Downward dog so that your head and shoulders never are lower than your belly
  • Place your hands on a block in any forward fold so you also keep your head an shoulders above your belly and get the hamstring stretch you’re looking for
9. I am overweight and haven’t exercised much during my pregnancy. Can I still practice prenatal yoga?
Yes with your doctor’s okay! You can try my 25 minute free video to start with and see how you do and how you feel.  Try a Prenatal Yoga Video. There are a couple of great ones at My classes are fairly active and we do focus on exercises and poses to help with back pain in pregnancy. So if you’re out of shape and overweight, a video is a great way to start. After the baby you can give the Mommy & Me Yoga classes a try! They are really fun.
10. How often can I practice yoga during my pregnancy?
3 times a week is ideal and has been proven to shorten labor, and lessen labor pain. 2 times a week is great and has been proven to reduce back pain in pregnancy. Once a week is good as long as you add regular  walking or swimming too. I have a free prenatal yoga video on youtube and try one or all of these Prenatal Yoga Classes from to do at home or anywhere you can take your MP3: