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    I understand that the information given in each class is of great importance to decisions we may be making concerning the health of mother and baby. Attending every class is ideal. If one of you can't attend, I encourage one of you to attend on your own or bring a substitute coach.

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    "Liza offers so much more than prenatal yoga. She has a knowledge bank that goes beyond a prenatal fitness program. She guides you through poses that coach you for labor. After every class she shares birth wisdom, tips for pregnancy and labor. Her coaching and teaching are both compassionate and challenging." Tina M., Vista "Bottom line…I want to say thank you for your ‘birth wisdom notes from your prenatal yoga classes. If it was not for you, I would probably have been hooked up to an IV with an Epidural drip and in labor for 20 or so hours! So thank you again." Christy R., Carlsbad “…I also wanted to thank you for leading such a great yoga class and all of your birth wisdoms. I really believe that yoga helped me have the natural birth that I wanted. And I was only in labor 4 hours! … I will miss coming to your classes but will be back with baby number 2! Thanks again and take care, Marina"

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