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Dear Liza,

I just wanted to thank you for all of the support and love during my process of being pregnant. I’m so grateful for All of the advice & birth wisdoms that you offer. I will miss you and this class. I feel prepared and centered for my next adventure.

Thank you!

Lindsey & Twins

Hi Liza,
I just wanted to express my gratitude to you!
Though we’ve never met, you made a very important impact in my life. Nine years ago, when I was expecting my son, I discovered your prenatal yoga class on yogadownload.com. I loooooved your gentle, soothing voice and felt like I could trust you to guide me through a beautiful but frightening time of (literal!) growth.
And you did!
With no mother, sister, or other close friend I could lean on for support and wisdom during this time, I tethered myself to your soothing voice. I practiced your class almost daily and brought you with me on my iPod to the delivery room. I stayed so centered and calm with your help.
The nurse said she’d never seen anyone giggle a baby out before!
Now I’m the luckiest mother alive, with a really great kid you helped me bring into the world. I’m even exploring the possibility that I may, too, become a prenatal yoga teacher.
Thank you Liza! You are loved and appreciated. Let your light shine!
Kellie R.

Hi Liza,
I wanted to say thank you for the fantastic prenatal yoga classes I was able to be part of. I ended up giving birth to my daughter on Sept. 11th at 4:48am. 3 hours of labor (starting when my water broke at 1:43 am), 7 minutes of pushing, 2 pushes and she was here. I didn’t even have time to get an epidural. By the time I got to the hospital I was already 10 +1.
Thanks again for your knowledge and wisdom.

Selenne C.- M.

Selenne, M

“Thank you for your endless support throughout the Bradley class and then especially when things got real for me (Jan 2nd-5th). Your support, advice, encouragement, and advocacy was invaluable to the birth of our little one and especially to me. I was so scared and exhausted with little answers and just hearing you also had a prodromal labor validated so much. I really cannot imagine have done all that without you!!!” – Molly G.

I delivered [our baby] this morning at 10:10AM. I had an 8 hour labor total, starting at 2:30AM!…. I delivered at Babies in Bloom in Vista and had Paula Tipton Healy’s team for my midwives. Of course, labor was difficult and wasn’t a walk in the park, but I would not have been able to recognize my strength and take every contraction as well as I did without Liza’s class.  Ashlyn Z.

We have enjoyed learning about childbirth and pregnancy in your class. Your combination of knowledge and humor has made the process enjoyable and educational!
Thank you for helping us learn!


Audrey, Colin, Baby Fitz

“Thank you for all your instruction during the past couple of months! We are truly grateful for all we’ve learned & look forward to putting it ‘to the test’! It’s been a joy being your student!
Many  blessings, love,
David, Amanda & baby P.”

“…I also wanted to thank you for leading such a great yoga class and all of your birth wisdoms. I really believe that yoga helped me have the natural birth that I wanted. And I was only in labor 4 hours! … I will miss coming to your classes but will be back with baby number 2!
Thanks again and take care,

Ganisha & Komal – ” We have learned so much from you, the most important lesson being trust; to trust the process, trust ourselves, and to trust each other.  Thank you for all that you are and all that you gave us.”

Ganisha & Komal

“While it has been 7 years!! (and three children) since we took your Bradley class, I wanted to let you know that Alessandro and I still think about you and your message of asking questions!  Just this week we were at the dentist with our son and we now feel empowered to ask “what if we wait” or “what if we do nothing” and it has really helped us make so many better informed decisions.  Thank you for what you do….KEEP DOING IT!!!!

Much love,


Thank you for the knowledge and wisdom you have given us every Tuesday. Stan and I are so grateful that we’ve met you and have taken your class.
Thanks for everything!
Stan, Radka & baby Chris 2/28/12″

I took other classes but no one knew what Liza knew. I felt so educated about the delivery process from Liza’s class, and used a lot of her techniques during my labor and delivery. I really had no pregnancy discomfort this time and I KNOW it was partly due to prenatal yoga.

Vicky W., Oceanside

“A big thanks to Liza for her amazing support when we reached out to discuss intervention options. We did end up with a vaginal birth but it took some patience and flexibility. Liza, you really have been such a gift to us and I would guess to many, many expecting parents. ”  Jessi and Dan

I was scared of labor and delivery for my first child until I took my first prenatal yoga class at Blue Raven Yoga. I cried during the end of class at savasana and gave thanks for the sanctuary and strength your class gave me in the third trimester of my pregnancy. Thank you

Nicole S. Bonsall

I have loved your class and look forward to it every week. You have been such a joy for me and have really helped me enjoy…no love, this pregnancy.THANK YOU!

Nancy B., Poway

Each class was for me a time to become more intimately acquainted with my son. It forced me to slow down for that hour and really think about my relationship with him. I visualized giving birth,holding him and spending the rest of my life with him. It made me feel better about myself as a mother-to-be.

Maria T, Carlsbad

Thank you for helping us to understand what God intended-“Natural Birth.

Belinda, Deron, & Carter S.

I love this class, and have been recommending it to all my pregnant & soon-to-be-pregnant friends.

Kat G.

Thanks for everything. It was a GREAT class. Very informative and interesting and, as Jonny expressed, ought to be mandatory for all expectant parents!

Eva M.

“I ended up having my baby a week after [my last prenatal yoga class], on Sunday Dec 11th. It was a beautifully smooth, natural birth at the new Palomar hospital. I had 4 hours between being fully dilated to pushing my baby boy out.  I didn’t even tear and he was 9.5lbs with head circumference of 13.75″!! So my recovery this time around is even quicker and I can’t imagine giving birth any other way! I just wanted to thank you for your amazing prenatal yoga class that I had the privilege of taking for all 3 of my of pregnancies. It really helped me center myself, focus on my breathing and mentally prepare myself for the challenge of submitting myself completely to the process and riding out the waves during labor.”

Amy Merrill

“We are beyond grateful with all your support and advice!  You taught us so much about birthing and most importantly, you taught us to be an advocate for our baby!  We will forever be grateful to you!!”  

Maribel and Justin

Dear Liza,
Thank you for all your support and guidance during our pregnancy and birth.  We love our birth story, as crazy as it was!  We felt very knowledgeable and in control during labor and at the hospital (for the 30 minutes of labor we spent there…)  We are so grateful for you and the love and care you provide.  We will be taking your refresher course in a few years! Thank you again!
Love, Ethan, Sandy, and Christopher K.

Thank you for enlightening us on the miracle of birth! You are a great teacher.
Gary and Michelle Gurian”

Hi Liza,

I just wanted to say that your class was more useful than I had expected. We delivered our healthy baby boy on January 14. My plan has always been to have an epidural, but I felt very strongly about not having a c section. I remember in your class you would talk about the different birth options and the risks they could lead to, because of this I was determined to make sure that my labor was in full swing before getting an epidural. I remember when taking your class I was constantly telling myself I wouldn’t use certain things you were talking about because I was planning on an epidural. Long story short, my water broke and I wasn’t having any intense contractions, I knew that time was a factor and various drugs could slow down the risks. I ended up laboring for 17 hours with no epidural and getting to 7/8 cm dilated before asking for the epidural. During that 17 hours I used so many techniques you taught us and it was truly how I was able to manage the pain. I also remember throwing up and thinking back to your class “ I knew it meant I was almost there”. Basically I wanted to say thank you because at the time I didn’t think it was as useful, and after going through the whole process it is what helped me the most. Thank! Keep doing what you’re doing. Sorry if there are typos, not much time on my hand as a new mom.
Karen K
Karen K

Thank you so much for all your help with our first pregnancy, labor, & birth. The Bradley class and your yoga classes were just what we needed to feel prepared and we got the birth story we hoped for. Thanks again for all of your knowledge!”
Sam, Karissa, and baby Joylynn W.

Thank you so much for all of your help!! I know that your encouragement and wealth of knowledge helped to prepare Cameron and me for the most intense yet most rewarding experience ever!! I also know that prenatal yoga and birthing go hand in hand … I am so grateful for my background in yoga and for your instruction!! I will always recommend your classes to everyone I meet that is pregnant!

Michelle R.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such an inspiration to our family throughout our pregnancy & birthing process.  Know that you are helping change lives!

Miriah, Dan & Isla, Leucadia

I was surprised by how well I managed to breathe and “ohm” my way through labor without pain medication.

Amy S., Vista

I was pleasantly surprised how prenatal yoga helped me to get more in touch with my Creator, which in turn made me feel a lot closer to my daughter, while she grew inside of me.

Jamie S., Oceanside

We feel truly blessed to have taken your class, and I feel grateful to have met you. Thanks just doesn’t seem like enough!

Stefani W.

Without your classes to educate me and give me an understanding of everything that was going to happen, I would not have had any confidence and I certainly would’ve felt more like an observer than someone with decision-making abilities participating in this amazing process.”

Bryan M.

I wanted to thank YOU for being such an amazing, supportive childbirth instructor.

Yvonne M.

“…when I started to feel like I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I just kept remembering what you told us in class – that once we get to this point, it means we are close to the end, and that really helped me!…I feel like taking your childbirth class – having YOU for a teacher – gave me the tools to come out of this with a positive birth experience! thank you so much for your empowering approach to childbirth! I appreciate you so much!!” Chanell

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and informative class. It gave us strength, determination, and hope for the best birth possible. Thank you for inspiring confidence and helping our relationship grow. And heck, we had a lot of fun too!!”
Sara & Scott C.

“Thank you so much for taking us in to observe the Bradley Method class! I learned so much and know everything that you taught us will be so useful in my doula toolkit. I know I can better support mamas and their partners so much better now!”

Gracie Del Mar

Doula D.O.N.A., Graced by Birth

Liza offers so much more than prenatal yoga. She has a knowledge bank that goes beyond a prenatal fitness program. She guides you through poses that coach you for labor. After every class she shares birth wisdom, tips for pregnancy and labor. Her coaching and teaching are both compassionate and challenging.

Tina M., Vista

I would like to thank you for helping me find it in me to do it drug free not only did I surprise myself, but everyone in my family was shocked.

C Moreno, Vista

Bottom line…I want to say thank you for your ‘birth wisdom notes from your prenatal yoga classes. If it was not for you, I would probably have been hooked up to an IV with an Epidural drip and in labor for 20 or so hours! So thank you again.

Christy R., Carlsbad

Prenatal yoga made me feel physically and emotionally strong. I felt such a strong bond with my baby during and after every class.

Erin N., Escondido

I tell everyone I know about our experience with the Bradley Method and your classes.  It will always be the most amazing and meaningful experience of my life.

Paul and Pamela B.

I know you know that your work is so valuable to women when they are in their most vulnerable and helpless state, and I want you to know that even when a baby cannot be born naturally, your teaching and advice, both from your yoga class and from your Bradley class, is relied upon.  Thank you so much,

Heidi P.

Definitely because of you, our Doula, Jane, and, of course, our strength. We feel so proud and happy with both our births. Thanks a million.

Mary and Gus

Thank you for the wonderful yoga classes and wisdom-  definitely made me feel more prepared for the 18+ hours of labor for my first baby.  She arrived at 8lbs 2oz of sweetness! One hip I noticed was much less flexible than the other while I was working through labor… in hindsight, I should’ve paid more attention to pigeon pose on that side 😉
Take care!

Kay Seiden

“We are very grateful for your class, it would have been so hard to make it through with out it!”

Ashley and Alex

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