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Is it possible to have a beautiful Cesarean birth? If you discuss ahead of time with your doctors, anesthesiologist, and nurses, you CAN have a beautiful Cesarean birth.  Below is a Cesarean birth plan written by two of my Bradley Method students. When they tried everything to turn their breech baby around, unsuccessfully,  they realized that establishing their Cesarean birth plan would help them prepare for the extraordinary experience of the birth of their first child. They also wanted to share the birth plan they developed to help others in a similar situation. Since there is no such thing as a “natural” Cesarean birth, couples can create a Cesarean birth plan and create a loving, peaceful, gentle entrance into the world for their babies.

Liza D Janda, EzineArticles Platinum Author

We are trying to make a cesarean delivery as special and intimate as possible for us even though we cannot have the desired vaginal, natural birth.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could work with us to make our experience as positive and memorable as possible.


General Requests:

1)    I would like to meet each staff member involved in the surgery, prior to the c-section taking place.

2)    I would like to play music in the OR if it is not a distraction to those performing surgery.

3)    Please explain all medications being used on me.

Medication requests for Anesthesiologist/Nurses:

1)    Please do not give me anything for trembling or nausea unless I ask; I want to be as awake as possible during and after the birth


1)    I would like my husband and baby to stay in the OR with me while surgery is completed

2)    Please lower the screen/curtain and hold the baby up so that I can see him at the moment of his birth.

3)    I would like my husband or a willing staff member to video tape and take photos of the birth; I respect that the surgeon and/or anesthesiologist may not want the entire surgery on video, however I would like a record of my baby being born to make the experience as special and personal as possible.

4)    I would like my arms unrestrained so that I can touch my baby.

5)   I would like my husband to then have the opportunity to cut the remaining piece of umbilical cord from the baby.

6)     I would like my baby to be placed skin to skin on my chest immediately after basic assessments while in the OR.  My husband can hold baby there with a warm blanket over my baby.

7)   Please delay weight measurement, eye ointment, and vitamin K

8)    Please do not bathe or fully dress baby until I have the opportunity to smell, touch, cuddle with him and am able to participate in the bathing process.

9)If the baby needs medical assistance that requires leaving the OR, please allow my husband to accompany the baby.


1)    I plan to breastfeed exclusively and as soon as possible; please do not give the baby any water, formula, or a pacifier.

2)    Please schedule for a lactation consultant to come see me and baby as soon as possible.

3)    I would like to be able to move my legs/feet and walk as soon as possible after the surgery.

 Miscellaneous Questions:

1)    What will be administered prior to surgery?  Spinal block or epidural?  And why?  I hear spinal block has advantages: quick to administer  (only requires one injection) and quick to take effect (doesn’t require a catheter in your back)

2)    Will you be lifting the uterus out of the abdomen to inspect it?  If so, why do you think this is necessary?  I’ve heard this could cause considerable nausea when being done and gas pains later.

3)    Can you please try to find out if there was a physiological reason for why the baby has always been in the breech position?  I want to try for a VBAC with my next pregnancy.

4)    What stitches will be used for outside portion?  Dissolvable or ones that must be removed?  Why?

5)    Can the nurse/an assistant videotape the procedure?  Can my husband take pictures?