Below is the natural birth story of Emily, Tyson, and Cambria Lee Perez. I’ve added comments, highlighted, to emphasize things they did that were very helpful in achieving the birth they wanted for their daughter. If you want t learn more, click here.
Liza Janda

Cambria Lee arrived on Sunday, October 28 @9:36am. All 9lbs of her!!!

I was awakened around 4am on Saturday with menstrual-like cramps(about every 10mins). (A sure sign of early labor) This was the very first time that I had such cramping, so I had a big feeling that we would be meeting baby very soon. I didn’t want to wake Tyson just yet to tell him because I knew we would need all the sleep we could get. ( Let your coach/birth partner sleep if you begin labor during regular sleeping hours. Your body has all kinds of hormones that help you get through labor and keep your energy up, but your coach doesn’t have those hormones and may end up running low on energy)

When Tyson finally dragged himself out of bed, I was excited to tell him what I thought was happening. As the day went on Tyson made sure I was eating and staying well hydrated, taking me for walks, and just keeping me busy. (What a great coach-just what every labor support person is supposed to do.)I baked cookies for the staff and cleaned around the house. (This is a wonderful thing to do to help you ignore your labor and to get the staff support you’ll need in labor)  Throughout the day the cramping slowly became a little more intense and closer together. Nothing painful, just annoying. The Stage One AppUS iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Storecame in very handy! (Most first time parents aren’t sure when early labor turns in to active labor. Most first time parents in labor go to the birth place to soon. This free App can help time labor contractions, help you focus, and decide when it’s time to go to your birthplace when you get to active labor)  Later that evening, I had to start finding out what was the most comfortable laboring positions for me. It was quite interesting to find out that the positions I thought I was going to like…I didn’t like at all. (This a good reason to practice relaxation in many different positions and scenarios)

I liked the heat pack on my back,

laying on my exercise ball,

leaning against Tyson, and standing in the shower. Tyson was SOO good at getting me to change to different positions at this point and keeping my energy up. ( If you want to be as good a birth coach as Tyson, read:The Birth Partner, Third Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions (Birth Partner: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, &)

It wasn’t until around 9pm when things starting really picking up. Knowing that we desired to labor at home for as long as possible, I don’t think I had ever told or asked Tyson to go to the hospital. I just kept doing my thing and pushed through every contraction. Around 11pm, Tyson told my parents to come over to prepare for our departure. At this point I was laboring in the shower for quite some time. Poor neighbors probably heard me through the walls. Our drive to the hospital was a good 45mins. Tyson made sure we werent leaving too soon, contracting @ 2-1-1 verses the 4-1-1. We wanted to make sure we wouldn’t be turned away from the hospital and have the least interventions.
(These two had a great plan and were able to progress past 5cm. As a rule, if you want fewer interventions and/or a natural birth, it’s best to labor at home as long as possible)

We arrived at the hospital around 1am. I walked myself in the hospital, stopping to lean on Tyson during every contraction. You should have seen the look on my dads face!! Haha. He is not good during situations like this, which is why he stayed in the waiting room.

Checking in was a pain!! We told them exactly how things had been progressing and that I wanted a room right away, but they insisted on needing a bunch of info and needing to do some tests to make sure I was ready for a room. Tyson had to deal with a few battles when it came to interventions they were wanting to do. Lets just say, He didn’t vibe well with the OB they had come in.

(Sometimes in situations like this, having a doula to support the mom in labor can be helpful so mom feels supported and dad can handle decisions, questions, anything that needs to be handled.)

Once I was in the room, I went back and forth from the exercise ball and shower. Nurses kept wanting to pull me out of the shower to do some tests, draw blood, and fetal monitoring. All stuff that I did not want to come out of the shower for. Our first nurse really didn’t agree with things on our birth plan. Tyson had some KIND words with her outside of the room :).

(If you get a nurse who doesn’t see things the way you see them, ask for another nurse. It’s a simple solution)

Our second nurse…it was like the heavens had heard us and brought us and Angel!! A nurse who had 2 natural, non-medicated births and easily went along with our plans!!! She was really sweet and got things done the way we liked.

I have no clue what time they checked me, but I was at 8cm. About 2hrs later, they checked me again and I was at 10cm. I went to lay down in the bed. I had already been wanting to push so I was ready!!! Legs pulled back, C-shaped spine… OMG!!! The hardest part of the whole thing was that “RING OF FIRE”!!! Everything else was cake! I had pushed for about 40mins and then there she was, placed on my chest :). The midwife who delivered her thought she would have to resuscitate her, which gave her the idea of “needing” to clamp the cord right away, something that we did NOT want. Because our little girl was quite big for my little body, they had to really pull on her shoulders and neck to get her out (I did get a first degree tear) but She pinked up immediately after being placed on my chest and started to cry :). She Latched on soon after and fed easily. Daddy also adjusted her as she really needed it from all the pulling. (Tyson is a chiropractor and you can reach him at West Coast Chiropractic 4kids)

Tyson and I fell in love instantly with our “surprise” baby girl. I still find it funny that many people insisted I was having a boy, including my midwife ;).

We denied all tests except the hearing test and we left the hospital within 24hrs. Mommy and baby are getting along just fine, figuring out our new routine while daddy gets those special diaper changing bonding times ;)).

Thank you Liza for EVERYTHING you taught us. I felt extremely well prepared and feel like I knew exactly what to expect at each moment. I am so empowered by my first birth experience. A Natural, non-medicated birth is what i envisioned and it was just that and BEAUTIFUL! I didnt even ask for medication in which was a HUGE goal of mine!! Nor did i ever get “fussy” with the hubby during any of this. I knew i really needed him and didn’t want him to leave my side :). Next time we plan on a home birth :)).

Thank you again!


Tyson, Emily, & Cambria Lee