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C-Mama Healing Salve

First and foremost, you will need to do everything you can to heal as quickly as possible from your surgery. Can you really heal quickly when you have to take care of a newborn 24/7?

 Well…..It’s going to take a while so be patient.

 Here are some steps to follow that will help you enjoy your new little bundle of joy.

    1. Make physical healing a priority. That means chill out if you are an over-doer, over-achiever, type A personality! Rest is your new BEST FRIEND!
    2. You need as much rest as you can get. Sleep when the baby sleeps. If you can’t sleep, read a book, watch a movie. Just rest.
    3. Make a list of things that need to be done around the house so that friends and family can do them for you.
    4. Hire a postpartum doula Find a postpartum doula here
    5. Stay in your jammies for at least a couple of weeks but do try to take a shower and wash and dry your hair. Then put on a clean pair of pajamas for the day. You’ll just feel so much better. It helps you start the day with a more positive attitude. You can get some pretty pajamas from Destination Maternity
    6. Ask for help and take it gratefully. No one expects you to bounce back from major surgery.
    7. Ask a friend or family member to set up a meal delivery for a couple of weeks. You can do this through various websites like: Meal Train, Freshology, Carecalendar, Take them a meal
    8. Ask your partner to set up a couple of “stations” around the house with a water bottle, a book, the TV remote control, a charger for your cell phone or cordless home phone, and some healthy snacks like almonds, fruit, or other high protein snacks. And of course, don’t forget supplies for changing baby’s diapers-there are LOTS of those in the days ahead. Having a “Boppy” or a “Breast Friend” or a pillow and a foot stool at each station will help make nursing your baby much more comfortable for you.
    9. Have a lactation consultant make a home visit to help you with any breastfeeding challenges that will probably arise. Find a lactation consultant here:
    10.  The best homeopathic remedy to help you heal quicker is Arnica Montana. If you don’t have a homeopath to consult, try a 30c, 5 pellets 3 times a day for 10 days. It will help you heal, reduce swelling, and decrease bruising. It can be taken with medications with no side effects. Read more from the manufacturer.
    11. When picking up your baby, try to bend down using your legs, not your back. And don’t pick up anything that is heavier than your baby until your doctor tells you it’s okay to do so.
    12. If you have any pain at the incision site or you get a fever, call your care provider right away.
    13. Spend as much time with your baby as you can. That is the best prescription anyone can give you to help you heal. Congratulations Mommy!
    14. In addition to following your doctor’s orders, trust your instincts. You know yourself and, yes, even your baby, better than anyone else.

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