Do you have to have a natural birth if you take the Bradley Method®? The answer, of course, is no. Believe it or not, I get this question a lot. You can’t require anyone to have a certain kind of birth anyway. I want couples to make their own choices.  Since the one thing you can always count on in birth is the unexpected, being prepared and knowledgeable for any possible situation is truly one of the best things couples get out of taking the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth®. The Bradley Method® is more about learning all you can so that you and your partner will make informed decisions be relaxed, calm, and prepared for the birth of your baby.

The Bradley Method is about:

  • Learning information to help you understand what the normal process of labor and birth is all about.
  • Practicing techniques and using tools you learn in class that help you cope with the intensities of labor and birth.
  • Learning all of the right questions to ask so that you will get all of the information you will need if confronted with any kind of decision that may affect the health of the mother and the baby.
  • Encouraging couples to work together to increase confidence in the mother removes fear for both parents.
  • Giving knowledge to both parents enables the birth partner or “coach” to support and nurture and encourage the laboring mother.

When should I start taking my Bradley Method® Classes?

Ideally starting your Bradley Childbirth® classes in your 5th or 6th month is great because it gives you plenty of time to prepare and practice. It allows you to prepare both your body and your mind for this great transition in your life.

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