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So many pregnant moms have a big fear of pooping while pushing out their baby. This is such a common fear, and it is so easily avoided if it’s that big of a deal.

Really, you won’t even notice if you’re pooping while pushing, you will be so focused on the job at hand-birthing your baby. But in case you want to avoid the pooping while pushing, when you’re in second stage labor, order a twin pack of Fleet enemas and as soon as labor begins, give yourself an enema. If your labor has to be induced for a medical reason, give yourself an enema before you go to the hospital.

It isn’t the most pleasant experience and it could possible stimulate your labor a bit. But I guess you have to decide which experience is more unpleasant, having an enema in the privacy of your home, in the very beginning of or before labor, or pooping while pushing at the end of labor with no privacy.

The choice is yours!  Stock up now:

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