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Where do you feel pain if you’ve got a sacroiliac joint issue?

  1. If you feel pain in your lower back or even feel pain in the buttocks, chances are very good you have a S.I. (Sacroiliac) joint problem.
  2. You may feel pain in just your hip.
  3. Your doctor may even interpret it as pain caused by a herniated disc.
  4. Pain is usually only on one side but it can occur on both sides.
  5. Often physical therapy may be prescribed or pain medication or injectable steroids.
  6. But what if those aren’t options for you because you are pregnant? The tools for diagnosis are often and MRI or other invasive procedures you’re not able to use during pregnancy.

There are two main causes of sacroiliac pain in pregnancy.

  1. One is stiffness or lack of flexibility in the pelvic muscles. In addition to practicing yoga poses specifically to increase mobility, regular chiropractic adjustments can help relieve your back pain in pregnancy. When used together, yoga and chiropractic can help increase flexibility and motility. They help to balance the pelvis and hips, making it easier for your uterus to align properly and easier for your baby to get into the vertex-head down- position by week 32-34. All these benefits make for a healthier and easier birth, in addition to relieving back pain in pregnancy.
  2. Your sacroiliac joints are hyper-mobile or extremely flexible. The pregnancy hormones and increased flexibility are causing instability in the joints, which are causing stress on your lower back. In addition to carefully listening to your body’s messages while practicing yoga poses that stretch, you need to also strengthen your lower back muscles. By stabilizing and strengthening, you will help relieve stress and back pain in pregnancy.


  • Increase flexibility by practicing the 10 yoga stretches below.
  • If lack of flexibility is the issue get regular chiropractic adjustments.
  • If hyper-flexibility is the issue, work on strengthening the lower back and core muscle groups to increase stability and reduce stress on the lower back.

 Try These Ten Poses To Relieve Back Pain In Pregnancy

Remember to breathe deeply. Always listen to your body and pull back if/when you feel pain. Hopefully, practicing prenatal yoga regularly will help you enjoy your pregnancy even more and ultimately have a safe and healthy birth.


When standing in Tadasana place feet hip width apart, like in this  2nd  photo.


When folding forward keep a “micro-bend” in your knees to protect the lower back.


Even in Downward Dog it is beneficial to keep a tiny bend in the knees.5






Modified Ustrasana or Bhujangasana to strengthen and stabilize the back of the pelvis.


 98Or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana to stretch the spine and relieve back ache.  Or try it supported with a block under the sacrum.


 10One legged bow pose is excellent for focus, balance, and stabilizing the pelvis.


Begin to introduce Trikonasana and forward folds and squats.

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To strengthen your core during pregnancy, use a fitness ball.

Every day:

  1. Sit tall on the ball with excellent posture
  2. Knees lower than hips
  3. Feet on the floor
  4. Contract your Kegel muscle, your pelvic floor muscles.
  5. Gently hug your baby with your belly muscles. Pull belly muscles in and up toward your baby.
  6. Make 10-20 circles on the ball with your hips in one direction
  7. Reverse direction
  8. Be conscious that you are continuing to breathe throughout all of the movement.

And finally, everyone’s favorite hip opener One legged King Pigeon Pose.

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