This is the story of birth. It’s the story of the birth of a woman as mother/doula/midwife, her passion for birth and the sprouting of a little seed into a fervent dedication to empowering herself and others, safely caring for mamas as they usher their babies into the world. That seed has sprouted a passionate, educated, caring midwife.

I was born and raised in California. And, because I was a “military brat”, I was lucky enough to travel the world in my early teens. From the age of eight, I was obsessed with pregnancy and babies. I don’t know what spurred my obsession but as you can see from this photo,baby mepregnancy was on my mind at an early age. I was a “self-proclaimed OBGYN” by the time I hit puberty.

As my passion for pregnancy and birth grew, so did my knowledge. The start of my own family intensified my passion for natural living, and fueled the fire for a holistic approach to life and the health of my family. On my journey as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and working in a hospital, I searched for “just the right niche” for myself.

I love teaching and I had the pleasure of tutoring Anatomy and Physiology I and II to my peers at one hospital job; climbing the ladder from Certified Nurse Assistant to Director of Client Services and CNA mentor in a home health agency; and working night shift as a CNA float at Palomar/Pomerado hospital. While working as a float in the ER, I realized I missed the adrenaline rush of the on-call night life as an EMT. After the birth of my first child, I realized somewhere in there was that niche I had been looking for.

With my knowledge and experience in western medicine, my desire to learn medicalized birth practices lessened. After a very difficult and medically induced birth of my first child, I knew there had to be a better way to bring babies into the world-a gentler more holistic way. I closed the OBGYN door permanently for myself and my own pregnancy and birth experiences.

However, my passion for pregnancy and birth still burned, and along with countless hours researching natural ways to increase milk supply, and how to handle a colicky baby, so did my research on natural, gentle birth practices. And, so my path to Midwifery began. That little seed was nourished and began to sprout, empowering not only me, but many women to come.

I dipped my toe into birth-work by obtaining my doula certification and quickly dived into the life of being on-call. It didn’t take long before realizing that I would one day be fulfilling my life-long dream of catching babies.

I have birthed three amazing little souls. All three births were very different experiences. My first birth was a cesarean. My second birth was a planned home birth with a transfer to a hospital. It was there at the hospital that I had my healing (medicated) VBAC. I had a birth team that respected my concerns, and helped support me even when things took a different path. They valued the amount of effort I put into the process and helped me achieve my goal of vaginal birth after cesarean. My third birth was a planned unassisted birth, but instinct and baby told me I needed to change my plans. Even with a discovered shoulder dystocia, she was born just 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital! Each birth was a journey to finding my birth power. I know I was meant to experience each one so that I could grow in knowledge, awareness, empathy, insight, and compassion-for myself and others.

The last two years of midwifery school have been a whirlwind learning experience. Having just entered my third year, I’ve assisted with over 65 births. I recently practiced as primary midwife during a month long clinical rotation at a busy Utah based birth center, all while juggling the ups and downs that come with life. With each new birth, my passion is fueled.

“If a woman emerges from her birth experience empowered, then I have done my job well.” – Amy Berg

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