Image-11Who Can Give Birth Using The Bradley Method?

Any pregnant woman who is healthy and low risk can go through labor using the Bradley Method. Though we advocate natural childbirth because it is the safest and healthiest way to give birth for both mom and baby, there is no pressure to give birth without medication. The Bradley Method is all about learning as much as possible about the normal and natural process of labor and birth.

“If I take The Bradley Method, Can I Still Opt For Pain Relief?”

Of course! This class is all about making your own informed choices. But don’t be surprised if during the class your entire perspective changes. Most couples taking the Bradley Method find that through education, and practicing the relaxation techniques, they find the confidence and the desire to have an un-medicated birth. They feel excited about the prospect of going through labor and birth. Instead of being nervous and scared, they are relaxed and prepared.

How Do I Get Started Learning As Much As I Can About Safe and Healthy Labor and Birth?

 It’s best to begin taking your childbirth classes in your 5th or 6th month of your pregnancy. That gives you plenty of time to practice and prepare your mind, your body, and your emotions for that amazing experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you think you’re ready to find a Bradley childbirth class, the best way is to go to the Bradley Method website and Find A Teacher in your area.

Ask the teacher:

  • About her qualifications and certifications
  • How many years she has been teaching
  • What kind of birth(s) did she have
  • What is her philosophy about birth and why did she become a teacher
  • Where does she teach her classes?
  • How many couples does she usually have in class?
  • When should you start?

Prepare Like You Would Prepare For A Marathon

In addition to learning relaxation and breathing techniques for labor your class experience should help to prepare you mentally and physically for the marathon of labor and birth. You also need to get in the right mindset before labor and birth. You’ll learn about how labor is good for your baby and for you, the emotions you’ll experience and what is normal. As a result, labor just won’t be the scary experience most people think it is. It’s fun to be in a class with other expecting couples. Some of my former students and their kids still get together years and years after they took their Bradley classes from me.

Should My Partner Come To Class Too?

Your loved one’s presence during labor is so important. You will need their encouragement, support, and sometimes just their presence and nothing else will help give you confidence when you’re feeling vulnerable. I find the dads, partners, and coaches really get into the class and become a different kind of “birth warrior”. The Bradley Method replaces fear with knowledge and confidence. Here is what one of the dads said about the classes after the birth,

“Without your Bradley Method® classes to educate me and give me an understanding of everything that was going to happen, I would not have had any confidence and I certainly would’ve felt more like an observer than someone with decision-making abilities participating in this amazing process.”  Bryan M.

Being Relaxed and Prepared Will Bring You Closer Together

Will my birth be easier because I took this class? There are no guarantees, but your perspective will change. Some of my students said they were not afraid and so their perception of the contractions wasn’t pain. They say it’s intense but not like you would think of pain. By learning all you can you will avoid that vicious cycle of pain-fear-tension. The more relaxed you are the less pain you will experience, the better it is for your baby, and the better and safer experience it is for all of you.

“The Bradley Method® class had us so well prepared that we both knew what to do when the contractions started. It helped us be on the same page and as the books said, only intensified the relationship I have with Demian. It is a beautiful thing to be able to rely on your husband so entirely that he becomes the one and only in the wonderful moments of having the child you share together. I couldn’t have imagined the trust and love that your class helped guide us to have.” Ayrielle F.