Don’t just take it from me, a prenatal yoga teacher for 17 years, take it from my students. Below are just a couple of quotes from my prenatal yoga students. If you’d like to read more testimonials from my prenatal yoga and childbirth students, I’ve got a whole testimonials page.

Prenatal Yoga at Babies in Bloom in Vista

As I’m sitting here rocking my 2 day old, baby girl, I just wanted to let you know how glad I am that I made time to go to your prenatal yoga classes.I can’t tell you how much more calm I was during Ashley’s birth, than I was at her sister’s birth 3 years ago. While there were many factors at play, perfecting my pelvic rocks helped to turn her in time for active labor, and remembering to breathe from my belly helped ease the process from the start… “Tiffany

 “Each prenatal yoga class was for me a time to become more intimately acquainted with my son. It forced me to slow down for that hour and really think about my relationship with him. I visualized giving birth, holding him and spending the rest of my life with him. It made me feel better about myself as a mother-to-be.”Maria T,

Ahh! What a nice endorsement for the benefits of practicing prenatal yoga

 There is so much to be gained from a regular practice of yoga during pregnancy. Not only does prenatal yoga ease low back pain, it also helps mothers-to-be find comfort in the daily and dramatic changes in their bodies. The true Power of Prenatal Yoga comes from the intangible gifts of confidence and strength, the ability to focus on the everyday miracle of pregnancy, and a chance to bond with their growing babies.

 BUT WAIT! There’s more!

 Research shows that women who began practicing yoga between 18-20 weeks gestation for an hour a day had less pregnancy complications. In other words the combination of breathing, meditation, and yoga postures helped these women have healthier babies than the control group, who walked 30 minutes twice a day.1. Efficacy of yoga in pregnant women with abnormal Doppler study of umbilical and uterine arteries.Narendran S, Nagarathna R, Gunasheela S, Nagendra HR.Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (sVYASA), Bangalore 560019.PMID: 16008324 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

What can you do about low back pain in pregnancy?

 Yale University School of Medicine found that prenatal health care providers recommend Prenatal Yoga 40% of the time, in addition to other complementary and alternative medicine therapy to treat low back pain. Anecdotally, my students frequently tell me how much practicing yoga decreases their low back pain. Many also tell me they can feel a huge increase in back pain when they skip a prenatal yoga class.

 I can’t sleep any more!

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that a daily yoga practice improved sleep for people with insomnia.  The combination of breathing combined with rhythmic movement, like a prenatal vinyasa class will make you feel calm and able to sleep better during your pregnancy. Yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which lowers blood pressure, slows your pulse and your breathing.

 Sounds like a recipe for a good night’s sleep!

 Let’s face it! Birth can be an endurance test

Catherine, Mom of Twins!


 Labor and birth will challenge your courage, patience, stamina, and your perseverance. It requires a strong body and a dedicated mind.You have to prepare months in advance. You can’t plant corn in a field in June and expect to harvest it in July. If you want the safest birth possible, that’s a birth without interventions. Start preparing your body and your mind today. It’s never too late to start.

 What if I have to have a Cesarean Birth?

 As you are being prepared for surgery, it can be a little scary. First you can calm yourself by focusing on your yoga breathing-deep slow abdominal breaths. It will help to calm you and keep your mind clear as you think about that joyous moment when you get to meet your baby for the first time. This is a very exciting day!

Labor, Birth, And Recovery

Bottom line-practicing prenatal yoga has been shown to shorten labor, lessen your perception of labor pain, and shorten and speed up your recovery, no matter how your baby was born.So what are you waiting for?  Congratulations! And have a Happy Birth Day!