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1. You’re doing so well.” You can’t praise or encourage a pregnant woman in labor enough.

2.     “You’re amazing!”  Pour on the praise and keep it coming.

3.     “Imagine what is happening inside your body. Visualize your cervix opening with each contraction.”  Imagining the changes that are

4.     “Think about the baby. Each contraction is like a hug of love from you for your baby.”  Each contraction in labor and birth really is a surge of the love hormone known as oxytocin. This is the same hormone we all produce when we fall in love, when we have an orgasm, and breastfeed our babies.

5.     “All this hard work is stimulating your baby’s breathing, and circulation, and preparing the baby for life outside your womb.”  Studies show that hormones the laboring mother produces that help her deal with the pain of her contractions, cause her baby’s adrenals to produce high levels of catecholamines or stress hormones that help baby adapt to all the changes coming his way.

6.     “Trust yourself. That incredible strength is YOU. You’re doing it! “ Turn her fear around and encourage the laboring mother to accept that great power is coming from her.

7.     “You’re doing everything right. We’re here for you.”  Standing right next to her, supporting her both physically and emotionally will carry her a long way through all that hard work of labor.

8.     “We know how hard you’re working. I’m so proud of you.”  Showing compassion and empathy can help. Just acknowledging that yes, it is hard work, but “You can do it and you are doing it.”

9.     “Breathe in and breathe out. That’s right deep slow breaths!”  Deep slow abdominal breathing helps to stimulate the relaxation response in labor.

10.  “Let’s hear you make some noise. Keep it low and deep. Take a deep breath in through your nose and just moan all the breath out.”  The vibrations the laboring mother makes when she moans affects the pituitary gland which then stimulates the relaxation response every pregnant woman needs to tap into in labor.

11.  “Take a deep breath and just LET GO with your exhale… One contraction at a time… Stay focused on this one contraction and see how relaxed you can get.”  For everyone helping the laboring woman it’s helpful to stay focused on the moment. Don’t think about the contractions to come and the ones that have passed. The body knows just what to do and the laboring mother’s job is to let go and get out of the way.

Remember that the woman in labor must have complete trust in her body’s ability to bring her baby into the world safely. She must find assurance and confidence from those around her. Just like you will tell her, “You Can Do It!” and so can she with your help and faith in her.