By Liza Janda, AAHCC, RPYT
Certified Childbirth Educator, Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher

Do you need a childbirth class?

Do you need a childbirth class if you’re having an epidural? Well, the answer is absolutely “Yes, you need a childbirth class!” unless you know all the correct answers to the questions below. If you do know the answers, you may still need a childbirth class that helps you to practice relaxation for labor.  There are so many pitfalls in labor, and birth. If you know the answers, great! But you still need something, perhaps a childbirth class, that can help get you in the right frame of mind to prepare yourself and your birth partner for a safe and healthy labor and birth.

Now let’s see how much you know about labor and birth. Take the short quiz below.

1. What drugs have been proven safe for baby during labor and birth?

1.     Epidural Anesthesia

2.     Analgesias: Stadol,  Fentanyl, Nubain, Demerol

3.     Ambien

4.     1 and 2 only

5.     All of the above

6.     None of the above

2. Considering there is no evidence of medical complications, what conditions should be met before a mother is induced?

1.     She must be past her due date

2.     Her doctor/midwife says she must be induced

3.     Her Bishop score must be greater than 6

4.     Her baby is too big

5.     Her amniotic sac has broken

6.     1 and 4 only

7.     1, 4, and 5

8.     None of the above

3. Pregnant women should eat 300 extra calories daily. How many grams of protein are required to grow a healthy baby and maintain a healthy pregnancy?

1.     60 grams of protein

2.     40-60 grams of protein

3.     125 grams of protein

4.     80-100 grams of protein

5.     None of the Above

4. When is it time to go to your birth place?

1.     As soon as labor starts

2.     When my bag of waters breaks

3.     As soon as my contractions are 5 minutes apart

4.     When my doctor says so

5.     When my contractions are 4 minutes apart, one minute long, for an hour

5. To avoid an unnecessary Cesarean during labor, I should:

1.     Take a childbirth class

2.     Stay home as long as possible

3.     Continue to eat and drink during labor

4.     Avoid Pitocin

5.     Avoid vaginal exams if my bag of waters is broken

6.     Avoid using an epidural

7.     4, 5, and 6

8.     All of the above

If you got 3 answers correct, good job! But you may still need a childbirth class or you may need to hire a doula.  How many answers did you get correct? Chances are pretty good, you need more preparation and education and practice for labor and birth.

Find a childbirth class at:

Answers: 1.#6; 2. #3; 3. #4; 4. #5; 5. #8