15 Ways To Turn A Breech Baby

At 32-33 weeks of your pregnancy, ask your doctor or midwife what position your baby is in. If your baby is breech (not head down), then you need to get busy helping your baby go upside down. Turning a breech baby takes real persistence. 

BreechPositions21.  Dive into the deep end of a pool repeatedly.

Make sure there is plenty of room in that deep end. First have a little snack of protein or orange juice, or anything that will help your breech baby have the energy to move. Then proceed! Dive in. Climb out. Dive in. Climb out. Repeat 20 times! Yes! That’s what I said 20 times.The pressure of the dive may encourage your baby to turn from breech position to head down.

2.  Handstands in the pool.

If diving in seems a bit too daunting, then bring out your inner child and start doing as many handstands as you can. Like I said before, persistence is key in getting your breech baby to turn.

3.  Ice on the fundus (top of uterus).

Place an ice pack on the top of your uterus or where you know your baby’s head is. Your breech baby will want to move away from the cold. That’s a good thing.

4.  Chiropractic  – “The Webster Technique”.

The Webster Technique is specifically designed to help your breech baby turn. You may need 2-5 appointments before it works. Be consistent.

images5.  Moxibustion Therapy

Moxibustion Therapy is an acupuncture technique used to turn a breech baby or a posterior positioned baby. It takes about 20 minutes for the moxibustion therapy each time, but you’ll need to find an acupuncturist to get the supplies and instructions you will need.

6.  Lie down and relax…on your ironing board!

This is known as a breech tilt. You can use an inversion table or a piece of plywood too if you have either of those for your breech tilt.  Place one end of the ironing board on the sofa or chair, and the other end rests on the floor. You may need help getting on and off of it, so be careful! Drink a glass of orange juice or something to elevate your baby’s blood sugar. Lie down on your side with your feet up by the sofa and your head down by the floor. Watch a video. Read a book. Repeat this breech tilt a minimum of 3 times in a day. Try to remain in this breech tilt position for at least 20 minutes each time.

7.  Yoga’s Dolphin Pose

This yoga pose is an inversion that can be done every day. See how here.imagesIt encourages your baby to get into the best position for birth, which is vertex/head down. It allows for more room for your baby to get there and stay there. It can also be done with your knees on a bed, sofa, or chair, or stairs. and your arms on the floor. See how to do that inversion here.

8.  Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been shown to turn 81% of breech babies. Find a hypnotherapist here or listen to this CD.Turn Your Breech Baby CD

9.  Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla homeopathic remedy has been successful in turning both breech babies and posterior positioned babies. According to Midwifery Today, take a 200c potency of the pulsatilla. You can take another dose of 200c in a couple of days or if you can only get a 30c, take it three times a day for 2-3 days. There may a be a reason your baby doesn’t respond, so check with your care provider before proceeding with more activities.

10.  Music

Playing music is one way to stimulate your baby. He/she can hear music clearly by 26 weeks gestation, but pick your music wisely. Classical music or relaxing music that you enjoy works best. Some studies have shown that placing headphones or speakers down by mom’s pubic bone will encourage your baby to turn  and move toward the sound.

11.  Read a book to mom’s pubic bone.

Oh yes, partners, this one is for you. Get a classic children’s book and start reading. Lie down on or near her lap and read to the baby. Or just have a nice conversation with your baby. Talk to your baby. He/she already knows your voice.

12.  150 pelvic tilts each day.

On your hands and knees, tilt your tail bone up, then tuck it under. You’re only moving the pelvis and the lower back.

images13 . Walk the stairs.

If you’re lucky to live near the beach like me, you can walk up and down the stairs for 20-30 minutes. Or go to a local school where you can walk up and down the stairs on the bleachers. Or find some stairs wherever you can, and start going up and down.

14.  Flashlight on the belly.

Shine the light right into the skin and move it slowly from top to bottom. Repeat. Again, drink some juice or eat a snack to wake up baby.Hopefully your breech baby will follow that light right into a headstand! 

images15.  Talk to your caregiver about external version.

You will need to ask the benefits and the risks of the procedure. Ask for success rates. Ask for a detailed explanation of how the procedure is done and for any alternatives and their risks and benefits before you can make an informed decision about turning your breech baby to the ideal position for labor and birth. These tips have been used successfully by many pregnant moms but you should consult your own care provider for your particular case.

Always check with your care provider to make sure that these methods are safe for you and your baby before you start any of these activities to turn a breech baby.