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OUCH! Sciatica in pregnancy! You got through the first trimester nausea and morning sickness, and you were finally feeling better, but now, oh the pain! That pain comes from the sciatic nerve getting compressed by inflammation in the body, or the weight of the baby in the uterus. Whatever the cause of sciatica in pregnancy, the result is some pretty severe discomfort for a pregnant mama. 

Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Cope with Sciatica in Pregnancy 

1.    Reducing inflammation can relieve sciatic pain in pregnancy. Add turmeric to your diet: You can boil it with dairy milk or coconut milk. Get some turmeric root, cut off a half inch piece, and heat it up with about a cup of milk until it turns yellowish. Let it cool a bit before you drink it.  You can sweeten it to taste using some raw honey or good maple syrup. Or take a supplement.

2.    Ginger is another root that helps reduce inflammation around the sciatic nerve. You can slice off thin pieces from a root and eat it. It can be a bit spicy but very yummy. Or you can get ginger supplements at any health food store. Ginger helps with nausea in pregnancy too.

3.    Adding Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet is important for brain development in your baby, and lowers inflammation in your pregnant body. My favorite is “Carlson’s Lightly Lemon.” No burping up fish taste later!

4.    Try taking baths in Epsom salts. Use about 2-3 LBS. of the Epsom salts. A standard size box from the store is 4LBS. so you need a lot. Make sure you’ve got a nice big glass of cool water close by. And make the tub nice and warm. Be extra careful not to overheat. If your heart rate rises or your skin is very pink, it may be too hot. You just don’t want your core temperature to get too hot without being able to cool yourself.

5.    Alternate the warm water baths with 10 minutes of ice right on the sciatic nerve area.

6.    Drinking water with 2 TBS. of fresh lemon juice can help make your body more alkaline and reduce inflammation in general. It helps flush the kidneys too.

7.    Hypericum is a homeopathic remedy, great for shooting pains, irritation from spinal areas, and injuries to nerves. Take a 30c 2 pellets up to 3 times a day for 3 days when sciatic pain flares. Don’t take it for long periods of time though.

8.    Acupuncture can relieve symptoms and pain of sciatica in pregnancy in most women.

9.     Prenatal yoga practiced regularly can help stall the onset or alleviate the severity of sciatica and low back pain in pregnancy. Online, Yoga Download has some great video classes you can do at home.Yoga for Mobile Phone

10. Drink water with 1-2 TBS of unfiltered apple cider vinegar sweetened with raw honey up to three times a day. Cleanse  your body, reduce inflammation, and improve your immune system.

Hang in there pregnant mama! You’ll be feeling better soon and will be able to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader should contact a licensed medical professional regarding their own condition.

Liza Janda, AAHCC, E-RPPYT, E-RYT 200