The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth is a great way to prepare both your mind and your body for labor and birth. Having a support person, or “coach”, who understands what to expect, is one of the biggest benefits of taking the Bradley Method. Below you will find some labor and birth advice that is not only advocated by the Bradley Method, but is also supported by research found at The Bradley Method classes give you the tools, the skills, and the practice to help you bring your baby into the world in the gentlest, safest, and healthiest way possible-naturally!

The most common position for pushing out a baby in 2nd stage labor is with mom lying prone on her back. This actually makes her pelvis smaller!

And that doesn’t make a lot of sense! Pushing your baby out in an upright position is best and easier for both of you.

The 6 Benefits of Being Upright and Following Your Own Urges To Push

  1. Gravity helps bring the baby down and out
  2. Babies come out faster
  3. You may be able to do it all under your own power- no need to have baby vacuumed out or pulled out with forceps.
  4. More comfort for you-less painful.
  5. Healthy heart rates for baby since you are not on your back, blood pressure and blood flow is better.
  6. No cutting necessary-no episiotomy

By Liza Janda AAHCC

Resources: Lamaze International