You can have a natural birth in the hospital. But if you really want to have a natural birth in the hospital, make sure you take the time to really prepare and focus on your goal. You can do it. Good luck!

  1. Ask your prospective doctor or midwife these questions:
    What percentage of your patients are induced?
    Do you have any protocol on inducing labor?
    What kind of birth did you/your spouse/partner have?
    What do you think about natural birth?
    What percentage of your patients have a natural birth in the hospital?

    What percentage of your patients have a Cesarean?
  2. Find out your hospital’s Cesarean rate by clicking here: (California) or (In the U.S) or call the hospital and ask them directly.
  3. Hire a doula to help you and your partner. Hire a doula who is not associated with your doctor or the hospital. Research has shown that having a doula attend you during labor and birth decreases request for pain medication, Cesareans, and mothers have better birth experiences overall. Find a doula and learn more about what a doula does here: Doulas of North America.  Your chances of having a natural birth in the hospital are much greater if you hire a doula.
  4. Begin your childbirth class in your 5th or 6th month. Preparing for natural birth in the hospital takes time and practice to get your mind and body ready for birth. There are many options for childbirth classes. You can take a hospital childbirth class. Just make sure it is, at the least, 10 hours total time spent in class. If you take a hospital childbirth class, you may also need a Hypnobabies class which is another 10 hours. Or you can take a Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth class, which covers everything you’ll get in the 2 previous listed classes in 22 hours of class time. Or take a Birth Bootcamp class. They have classes online but I prefer and recommend an in-person class.
  5. Watch “The Business of Being Born”
  6. Read the Top 4 Books Recommend for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth if you want a natural birth in the hospital.
  7. Wait to go the hospital until your contractions are 3 minutes apart, one minute long or longer, for at least 2 hours for a first-time mom, or 1 hour for subsequent pregnancies. (If your doctor told you otherwise, ask why)
  8. Write a birth plan and write on it “Please do not offer medication”. You will find a birth plan guide in this blog post about birth plans.
  9. Practice Relaxation Daily – use my Guided Relaxations to practice for Labor and Birth
  10. Expect the best, visualize your birth, then let it go.