Pregnancy has its challenging moments. Sometimes during pregnancy, you just want to sleep, poop without problems, be able to have beautiful skin with no stretch marks, and just plain be comfortable during pregnancy. Here are 5 products that make your pregnancy more comfortable and easier on you.

Having sleep issues in pregnancy?

What pregnant woman doesn’t have trouble sleeping? This body pillow can help you relax while lounging and watching TV. It can help your hips and back be aligned, and support your growing belly and baby. You don’t have to suffer from the typical aches and pains of pregnancy. You’ll fall in love with this body pillow for pregnancy. Bach Rescue Sleep can help you get to sleep and get back to sleep.


Ugh! This has to be up there on top of the list of pregnancy problems. But this is such a simple solution to constipation in pregnancy. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to find out about the Squatty Potty. Your pooping position is just as important as your position while pushing out your baby! Yes! Squatting, one of the most effective birthing positions is also one of the most effective position to, ahem, eliminate! And it’s incredibly affordable as well as effective. Give it a try. You’ll be amazed. No more constipation in pregnancy!  Dandelion root tea is known for relieving constipation in pregnancy. Start your day with a nice hot cup of dandelion root tea.

Stretch Marks during pregnancy!

This list is confirming the fact that IT’S NOT EASY BEING A GIRL! You don’t have to get stretch marks if you take the time to prevent them with Stretch Mark Oil enhances skin elasticity to help prevent the formation of stretch marks during pregnancy, and activates skin renewal to fade existing/older stretch marks and scars.

Maternity Yoga Pants! Comfortable and beautiful. 

Who doesn’t want to live in yoga pants or leggings. Top these pants or leggings off with a cute top and you’re ready to go and comfortable too!


Prenatal Yoga!

Of course I can’t leave out one of the best things of all! Research proves that practicing prenatal yoga two to three times a week in the last 12 weeks of your pregnancy shortens your labor and reduces your labor pain. Got a backache from pregnancy? Practice yoga. Hips hurt? Yoga! Trouble sleeping? Yoga.
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by Liza Janda AAHCC, E-RYT, RPYT