In the last 5 weeks of your pregnancy, it’s possible you may only have a couple of weeks left. Full term pregnancies are normal and healthy any time from 37 weeks to 42 weeks. So you’d better start to take care of this checklist at week 35! There are lots of things to do. One at a time…You can do it!

  1. Start seeing an acupuncturist every week in the last 5 weeks of your pregnancy. Not only can acupuncture relieve back pain but it can help balance your hormones, get baby in the right position for birth, and make you totally relaxed. An acupuncture treatment might make you fall asleep and have a little nap. But acupuncture tends to stimulate babies. Your baby will be moving and grooving during the acupuncture treatment. Find an acupuncturist
  2. If acupuncture isn’t your thing, find a certified pregnancy massage therapist. Make sure she/he has plenty of experience with prenatal massage and relax and enjoy. Book ahead so you can get a couple of massages in those last 5 weeks of your pregnancy.
  3. Begin taking Nature’s Sunshine 5W at week 35 of your pregnancy. 5W (which stands for the last 5 weeks of your pregnancy) is an herbal uterine tonic which preps the uterus for effective contractions once labor begins. It is also helpful in making those effective contractions less painful. My herbalist told me I would have a labor that would be 10 hours or less! He was right!

    To find and consult a certified herbalist click here
  4. Starting at week 36 eat 6 dates a day for the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy. Studies have shown women go into spontaneous labor and dilate faster if they eat 6 dates a day in the last month. Check out the research on this here.
  5. Go out on a date with your significant other. Or spend a weekend away (Babymoon) no later than week 35 just in case baby decides to come early. You won’t have time for each other for a while and It’s important to nurture your relationship.
  6. Look for either a Birth Photographer and/or a Newborn Photographer. There are some pretty amazing photographs of births if you’re into that sort of thing. But if not, capturing your newborn’s first weeks will be photos you’ll cherish forever. Newborns grow so fast so capture those magical moments with your newborn baby.
  7. Purchase Thank you cards. You can start writing thank you notes now or wait until you’re in early labor. It’s important to ignore early labor and writing thank you’s can be a nice distraction.
  8. Start cooking and freezing during those last 5 weeks of your pregnancy! You will need lots of food already prepared after the baby comes home. Cook up some meals that you can easily heat up. Store them in individual containers or containers for two. You’ll be so glad you’ve got food in the freezer because you’ll be lucky if you can get out of your jammies by the end of the day with a newborn around!
  9. Research breastfeeding support groups and find a few lactation consultants. Most new moms have challenges with breastfeeding. It would be nice to know all you need to do is pick up the phone and have someone to answer questions that arise. And I promise you they will arise!