This is such a lovely meditation for mothers and mothers-to-be. Have someone read it to you while you practice relaxation to prepare for labor. Or begin each day meditating on being present for yourself and your children. Motherhood is not easy. Give yourself grace. Take a moment and breathe. Prenatal Yoga 1 led by Liza Janda.

A Mother’s Meditation

I quiet my mind with a deep, stilling breath. And then another.
I sit in the emptiness and experience myself, the light in me, perhaps for the first time today.
I am quiet.
All of the sounds and emotions of my day fall away.

I greet myself gently and forgive myself the moments when I was not the Mother I hope to be.
I value myself for the moments when I was.
I envision a circle of light washing over me , filling me back up with all of the love and energy that I put into caring for my children today.
My mind is clear. My heart is happy. I have energy. I have confidence. I have joy.
I breathe deeply once again, shedding all negative thoughts.
I let go of the way I believe things should be and feel peace with what is.
I experience my children’s beautiful, sparkling eyes in my mind and see them as if for the first time.
I invite their spirit to join with mine and together we give thanks for the miracle of our perfect union.
I trust that we were brought together perfectly and that we have so much to learn from one another.

I sit in this beautiful place and allow my breath to heal any pain I might have felt in my experience as a Mother today or on any other day.
I come to a place where I may begin again in wholeness.
A deep love comes over me. With my breath I find my rhythm again.
I find a pace for my words and actions that allows me to meet each moment with grace and presence. Beauty enters.
And nature.

I know that I will treat my children with greater gentleness.
I will hear their words.
I will smile at them and invite their thoughts into my heart.
All that they are will be safe and respected with me.
As I come to the end of this quiet moment I take another healing breath and see myself with the same love that I feel for my children.
The love I share with my children each day showers me now.

I feel peace.
I feel energized for the days to come.
I feel alive and ready to give.