Poems and prayers read during labor can have a dramatic and positive effect on the laboring mother, what she is thinking about and her emotions. Any positive things you can say or do surrounding the mother will encourage her and even make labor progress faster. Keep it positive and always encouraging! 

Abi’s Poem

Once upon a time
you were no bigger than the nail
of your smallest one-year-old toe.
You grew and kicked and danced,
and bliss fluttered in my belly.

Then the oceans burst,
and the moon pulled at you with her steady hands.
Your daddy called you by name
and I pushed from deep within the earth.
Together we birthed you into a winter morning–
your arms open wide to receive this life,
your eyes indigo blue for a moment,
your soul as old as time.
The moon stayed with us until you found your breath.
And because the sun was yet asleep,
I gave you warmth.

Someday I will explain to you
the mysteries of women.
You will learn what it is to be a (child of God) [goddess].
You will learn what it is to love another soul
in the deepest part of your being
before she is yet conceived.
And how the silver cord between us
was not broken with your birth,
but made stronger.

Perhaps you will not remember
how I took in the scent of your hair
a thousand times
as you folded yourself into me,
how I held you so close
that the lines between us often blurred,
or how I emptied myself daily
and yet found more to give
so you could learn to love completely
all your life.
You may not remember this first year,
but it’s as much a part of you
as I am.

Author Unknown