Want to avoid Pitocin, induction of labor?

Want to avoid an unplanned Cesarean?

Eat right to make sure your bag of waters stays intact before labor begins.

Unplanned cesareans can happen if the mother’s waters break before labor begins.


Hospitals and doctors put a time limit on how long the bag of waters has been broken. If mom hasn’t given birth within that time period, doctors will try to speed things up artificially. This can cause fetal distress and that results in an unplanned Cesarean.

There is a risk of infection to the mother and the baby when the bag of waters breaks before labor (PROM – Premature Rupture of Membranes), but according to a Cochrane review there was no increase in infection rates for babies if mothers waited for labor to begin on its own compared to having a Pitocin (artificial oxytocin) drip to speed up or start labor.

If mothers’ bag of waters has been ruptured for an extended period of time, usually 18 hours, baby will be separated from mom in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) for observation – just because the bag of waters was ruptured for 18+ hours and not necessarily because baby shows signs of infection.

Simple Steps to Having a Strong Amniotic Sac:
1. Eat 80-100 grams of protein daily – Every cell is formed from protein- baby, amniotic sac, amniotic fluid, blood, bones, etc. It’s never too late to start. Make a whey protein shake daily
If you’re a vegetarian or vegan try this protein shake
2. Take 2000-4000 IU of D3. There are only 400IU in most prenatal vitamins and Vitamin D3 is important in metabolizing calcium and in boosting your immune system.
3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C. It is essential in fighting infection and maintaining a healthy amniotic sac. In addition to oranges, eat, chili peppers, red peppers , green peppers, kale, pineapple, Kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, mango, and papaya. You can also make a drink daily with Orac-Energy Greens
4. Eat 6 dates a day in the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy. Research shows this can help your cervix dilate faster and the dates help keep the amniotic sac intact.
5. Drink plenty of water daily 64 ounces.
6. Probiotics is also important to boost immunity and fight bad bacteria. The best one for pregnancy is
These are some pretty easy things to integrate into your daily nutrition. Do it for your baby and for yourself. You’ll have an easier recovery and probably a better, safer, and healthier birth.

Now Go Have A Happy Birth Day!
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