I can rationalize myself right out of going to a yoga class, just like the next person!

What I’ve discovered in the past year is that I love practicing yoga on my own at home. Before, downloading classes from YogaDownload.com, I used to put on some tunes and just let it flow. I am, after all, a yoga teacher. So I didn’t have any problem figuring out what felt good or what my flow would be that day. But I did have a challenge staying on my mat for more than 40 minutes.

The benefit of going to a studio is that you have to finish the class. You can’t just get bored and walk out! Then I discovered the hundreds of classes on the website YogaDownload.com. Now, to be perfectly honest, I still sometimes get distracted and finish after 40 minutes, but mostly I get so much out of the different classes and different teachers that I actually stick with the full class.

Yep! This girl who lacks discipline can start and finish an entire class!

People have these ideas of what us yoga teachers are like. I’m not sure how based in reality those assumptions are, but I may be a teacher when I’m teaching a class, but I am forever a student and a human who gets easily distracted. In my women’s bible study group, one of my friends reaches over and takes my phone away until the speaker is finished. It’s a bit of a joke between us, but yes. I’m one of those.

So how surprised was I to find that I actually prefer to practice on my own at home. At home, there is no pressure. You can choose which class or how long or what style of yoga is right for you that day. On the YogaDownload.com website there are classes for anyone from chair yoga to ASHTANGA YOGA CLASSES. If I feel like a Power Yoga class, I’ll do it. If I feel like Yin Yoga class is more realistic on another day, that’s what I’ll practice. Occasionally I’ll download and start a class and decide, ”Nah! I want something a bit different today.” So I”ll download another one. That’s why the unlimited class package is the best for me.

Try these tips for starting and maintaining your own home yoga practice:

1. Figure out what is the best time for your practice. If you don’t have much time, that’s okay. Choose a short class. Or maybe choose a guided meditation. Here is a Meditation called Restore/Replenish

Sometimes a 10-15 minute yoga practice is all you need to turn your day around.
2. Find your favorite teachers on YogaDownload.com by trying different classes and also by reading reviews. The reviews can give you a good idea about what to expect from this teacher. Let your yoga practice INSPIRE you
3. Lay out your mat in the same place. Have a couple of blocks and a strap and a blanket close by.
4. Put it in your calendar. Make a date for yourself just like you would if you had to get in the car and drive to a gym or a studio.
5. Give yourself permission to sit and just breathe. That, too , is yoga. Not every practice has to be asanas or poses.
6. Practice with a friend or partner or your kids. Make it fun!

If you’re a beginner try Basic Beginner Series for only $30 at YogaDownload.com
If you want something a little more challenging try, The Kaivalya Yoga Method at YogaDownload.com
And if you travel a lot you can get YogaDownload.com: 6 Month Premier Membership - Only $45 Total! Practice on the go!

Below are some videos I suggest to get started. Go ahead give it a try. You might be just as surprised as I was at how much I love practicing at home!