Some people think that a Cesarean Section is a normal birth. Though it can be a life saving medical procedure, it is over used and is best avoided if possible. Some people think that inducing labor and using medications in labor is normal. It is typical but it is not normal. There is a big difference. Not all women need pain relief. Some women do. But if we can train mothers to understand what is normal, you can probably count on the Cesarean section rates decreasing.

A normal birth is one during which the mother labors with support and has no medication and no interventions. She allows labor to begin on its own and she works hard to bring her baby into the world as safely as possible trusting the natural and normal physiological process of labor and birth. Reducing Cesarean rates is and should be a priority for doctors, hospitals, and mothers. Mothers are 3 times more likely to die from complications as a result of a cesarean birth. Surgery is serious business and has inherent risks. Every parent should take the time to learn all she/he can about labor and birth and the risks and benefits of all of the standard medical procedures.

(ACOG) reported cesareans increased 60 % from 1996 to 2011.

Nationally, C-section rates account for 32 percent of all births,

NTSV means= A low-risk birth is defined as nulliparous (first birth), term (37 or more completed weeks of gestation), singleton (one fetus), and vertex (head first).

The current rate of NTSV Cesareans is 25%.  You can find more hospitals’ rates by clicking here

Target for 2022 is a 23.9% Cesarean section rate


Hospital NAME % rate of NTSV Cesarean sections Hospital NAME % rate of NTSV Cesarean sections
Palomar Medical Center Escondido, California 18.8% Scripps Mercy Hospital of San Diego San Diego, California 16.5%
Pomerado Hospital Poway, California 24.2% Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns San Diego, California 27.9%
Scripps Memorial Hospital of Encinitas Encinitas, California 18.1% Tri-City Medical Center of Oceanside Oceanside, California 22.25%
Scripps Memorial Hospital of La Jolla La Jolla, California 27.7% UC San Diego Health Hillcrest – Hillcrest Medical Center San Diego, California 17.1%
Scripps Mercy Hospital of San Diego San Diego, California 16.5%
UC San Diego Health La Jolla – Jacobs Medical Center and Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center
La Jolla, California