First, It’s never too late to try to hire a doula for your baby’s birth. Research has shown that your birth experience will be better overall if you prepare by taking a good childbirth class, and hire a doula to help you and your birth partner navigate the rocky road of labor and birth. Below are links to doula associations and organizations that either train and certify or just list doulas. You can look in your area specifically and follow the tips below to help you hire just the right doula for you and your family..

What do you do when you find a long list of doulas?

It can be overwhelming!

  1. Contact by email or phone at least 10 doulas.
  2. Give them your estimated due date,your birth place, your care provider doctor/midwife, what childbirth class you are taking, your goals for your birth, and any other pertinent information.
  3. Ask them to contact you if they are available or to refer you if they are not.
  4. Interview 3 or 4 on the phone.
  5. Interview 3 in person with your birth partner(s).

It’s very important that you both feel comfortable and confident in your choice.

What questions should I ask when interviewing a doula?

  1. what training or certifications do you have?
  2. What if you are sick or away or at another birth. Do you have a back up doula for me? When can we meet her?
  3. How many births have you attended?
  4. What kind of births did you have?
  5. What are your beliefs and ideology about birth? Do you have any convictions about how things should go?
  6. How much can I call you or contact you before, during, and after the birth?
  7. When do you come while I’m in labor? Do you meet us at home or at the hospital/birth center?
  8. Ask your doula what questions she would ask if she were in your position.

Here are some websites and resources that can help you find a doula and hire a doula:

  1. DONA International
  2. Find a Doula
  3. Doula Match
  4. Doulas
  5. BirthWorks
  6. DoYouDoula
  7. Nurturing Birth

In San Diego and Riverside Counties

  1. San Diego Birth Resource Network
  2. Beautiful Beginnings