Things We don’t Talk About!

It’s not exactly a common topic of conversation, but I can guarantee you know at least 2-3 people who are suffering from pelvic floor issues after childbirth and even for years, decades after giving birth.  I’ll bet there’s even a private Facebook support group for people with pelvic floor issues.  Wait let me check!  Yep!  There are a few.

Incontinence, Core Strength, and the Bedroom

Now there are different degrees of problems after giving birth.  Some women have problems with incontinence.  Not only is their pelvic floor weak but that affects the entire core strength.  You could try to get a referral to a pelvic floor specialist, but it may be simpler to start with this FDA approved device.  The Perifit Pelvic Floor Trainer is recommended by doctors to prevent prolapse and incontinence, eliminate the need to wear pads permanently, aid quick recovery from childbirth and surgery, regain core strength and bladder control, and enhance confidence in the bedroom.”

As Fun as Candy Crush

If you’re on your smart phone all the time – and who isn’t? – it’s as simple as playing a game on your phone.  You can challenge yourself. If you like playing Candy Crush,  you’ll love this APP.  You play the video game and advance to different levels as you get more control over your bladder, pelvic floor, and maybe even spice things up in the bedroom.

Immediate Feedback

You’ll get immediate feedback from the APP to know whether you’re doing it right or not.  You’ll learn the difference between the superficial and deeper muscles in your pelvic floor.  This is especially helpful if you have bladder leakage.  Imagine having more control over that embarrassing problem.

Fun is the, ahem, “Bottom” Line

Fun is the bottom line – This is a fun way and an effective way to improve your pelvic floor strength.  You’ll not only feel the difference as you continue the “play the game” but the APP will confirm that you are getting stronger and having more control.