These 3 simples solutions to reduce swelling in pregnancy are the key to doing all you can to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  If you put it in the perspective that you’re trying to create the healthiest environment for your baby (you are your baby’s environment), that can motivate you to give it your best effort. There is nothing better than having a healthy, normal, pregnancy, labor, and birth, and a healthy mom and baby.

The benefits and results of this solution to swelling in pregnancy are:

  • Less swelling in pregnancy
  • Healthy increase of blood volume (you’re making 60% more blood than when you’re not pregnant)
  • Healthier, stronger baby.
  • A healthy brain for baby. Baby’s brain grows fastest in the last month of pregnancy and every cell is formed from protein.
  • Less risk of pregnancy complications promoting and supporting a normal healthy labor and birth.

80-100 grams of protein daily

Since every cell is formed from protein – uterus, amniotic sac, amniotic fluid, baby, blood, placenta, etc.- pregnant women need to eat 60% more protein than when they are not pregnant. That means 80-100 grams of protein daily.

2400-2600 calories daily

You need that many calories to fuel your own body during pregnancy, reduce swelling in pregnancy, and do your normal activities and grow a healthy baby. The protein you eat goes to build blood, grow the baby’s body and brain, replenish amniotic fluid, in addition to fueling your own body.

Salt for processing albumin (the main protein of human blood)

Your liver makes albumin out of the protein that you eat. Albumin and salt have osmotic pressure which is needed to hold fluids in your blood circulation. The swelling that you see implies that you do not have enough albumin and salt to hold the fluids in your circulatory system, which is resulting in the fluids leaking out into your tissues–in your ankles, for example. Eating additional protein and calories, and salting your food to taste should provide additional osmotic pressure and pull the extra fluids out of your tissues and back into your circulation. Once this fluid has returned to your blood stream, any extra fluid that you don’t need will be excreted by your kidneys.”Brewer Diet

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Swelling in Pregnancy

  1. Eat a snack high in protein every hour that you are awake from morning to night. (some examples: handful of almonds, hardboiled egg, yogurt, milk, cheese, veggies and hummus, peanut butter/nut butter & celery, tuna, turkey, chicken, chia seed pudding, edamame, beans).
  2. Salt your food to taste. In some extreme cases of swelling the Brewer Diet has recommended “Salt Shots” -1/8 tsp salt in 4-6 oz water. Drink!
  3. Keep track of your calorie intake to ensure you are eating/drinking 2600 calories daily. There are free APPS like MYFitnessPal APP so you can track both calories and protein.

Eating just the 80-100 grams of protein isn’t enough for a healthy pregnancy. You must get the calories and the salt too. These solutions, together, will reduce swelling in pregnancy. 

Good luck and have fun eating for two! Make healthy choices for you and your baby!Earth Mama Organics -