When interventions are used during labor and birth, there are many risks to maternal safety, not to mention safety for your baby. You may think that induction of labor, another intervention,  is standard for a lot of women. So many women in my childbirth classes and my prenatal yoga classes come to me often – too often- with concerns that their care provider wants to induce. Why do so many women “need” to be induced? Do they really? Read my post if you’re doctor is talking about induction of labor to make sure there is medical evidence of the need to induce your labor:

Understanding Labor Induction – How to Know if You Really Need It.

Many women automatically think they can’t get through labor without and epidural. But there are more risks than benefits for most women when choosing to get an epidural. You must ask questions to know your options when it comes to choosing interventions. Read my post:

You Have No Options if You Don’t Ask Questions

If you’d like to know more about Evidence Based Healthy Birth Practices, go to Lamaze.org Push for Your Baby. And check out this list of recommended reading for Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth: