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listen to this recording or read the script below.

by Liza JandaC-Mama Healing Salve 30 ml (1 oz)

This is a visualization to prepare you for an unexpected Cesarean Birth.

You have taken lots of time and effort to have a healthy pregnancy and to create your ideal birth. You’ve already shown your commitment to doing everything you can to make sure your baby is safe, and healthy, and strong. Before your baby is even earth side, you have shown your dedication to being the best mother you can be.

Take a moment and visualize your healthy baby in your arms. Experience the love and the warmth you will feel when you actually do get to hold your baby. Imagine the feeling of a smile beginning in your heart and spreading throughout your body. You can’t take your eyes off this beautiful baby – this extraordinary miracle in your arms!

Silently, in your head, say,” I am thankful that my baby will be born safely. I feel joy knowing that I will meet my baby very soon.” This is not the kind of birth you envisioned for yourself or your baby but this is still a sacred moment in your lives. Though you may be disappointed that your birth is happening in this way, you know that God wants us to rejoice at the miracle of birth – no matter how it happens. There is no wrong way to give birth. Every birth is a miracle.

Now, give yourself permission to imagine yourself surrounded by a powerful, loving, and protective, healing light. The light can be any color you choose. Choose your color now…. and imagine yourself being surrounded by and bathed in that warm, healing color from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet… You can feel the healing light in your chest expanding your heart where you are now able to give more love and receive more love in your life. You quiet your mind with slow, deep breaths… Breathe in….Breathe out…

Encircling you are your doctor, your nurses, and the anesthesiologist. Everyone in the room cares deeply about doing their job well, being attentive to you and making sure you are safe and protected. They all recognize that this is a sacred day and treat the moment as the blessing it is, honoring you as you prepare to welcome your new baby into your family. You trust that this is the safest way, now, for your baby to arrive in this world and so you trust your care providers. You respect and revere the miracle of birth because you know you can’t control it. So you focus on letting go of this immediate process and focus on the remarkable moment when you will meet your baby.

You’re connected to monitors that keep track of contractions and your baby’s heart rate, and your blood pressure. You will have an IV drip to help maintain your blood pressure or to add any other necessary medications. An EKG will also monitor your heart. All these things are there to make sure you and your baby are safe and sound.  If you do not already have pain medication, once you are in the operating room, you will get an injection in your back so that you will be relaxed and feel no pain at all. You will also have a catheter so your bladder will be able to empty. Then you will lie down so the medication can take effect and you can be relaxed and ready to meet your little one. You continue to focus on your breath, breathing deeply and slowly.  Keep going. You know that this deep abdominal breathing is good for both you and your baby. You’re sending oxygen and necessary nutrients to your baby with every breath.

Your partner keeps an eye on you and reminds you to keep breathing slowly and deeply. Your choice of music is playing in the background. You ask that one of your arms remains free so that you can touch or hold your baby after the birth. Holding your partner’s hand, you are comforted by his presence. He reminds you to breathe in through the nose and sigh out the mouth. Your mind is clear. Your heart is happy. You breathe deeply one more time shedding all negative thoughts.

Repeat silently,” I let go of the way I believe things should be. I feel peace with what is.” I give thanks for the miracle of our perfect union. My baby and I were brought together for a reason and we have so much to learn from each other. You know you have done everything you are able to do. You have been consulted, respected, and given the information you need to make the best choice for you and your baby. You know you are strong, and capable as this journey of motherhood begins for you.

The drape in front of you is lowered so that you can see your baby lifted up out of your body. You hear someone call out a time and that is the time your baby is born! This is an exciting, significant moment in time. Your baby is placed right on your chest, skin to skin with you.  He/she begins to cry and then quiets as soon as you start talking. He knows and recognizes both your voices.  The baby nurse helps your baby to latch on and begin breastfeeding right there in the OR. While you’re getting sutured, you talk, kiss, look at, or just nuzzle and take in the scent of this brand new family member. Your baby is healthy. His/her birth is important no matter how it happens. This moment when your new baby takes their first breath is a special moment filled with joy, tears, and laughter.

Your mind is clear. Your heart is happy. This is the beginning. This silver cord between mother and child is not broken with the birth, but made stronger. Your journey has begun.

Once again, you quiet your mind with a deep, stilling breath. In…..and Out… In and out…

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