You truly can enjoy your pregnancy and not worry so much or feel miserable. Try these 6 pregnancy tips to get the most out of this life-changing experience.

1. Eat More Protein and More Calories for a Healthier Pregnancy

Yes, that’s right!  I just gave you permission to eat more! But pick your extra 300 calories wisely. This doesn’t mean that eating for two gives you permission to binge on ice cream and pizza and junk food. I’ve seen some moms gain 50-80 pounds during pregnancy. This is just not safe or healthy. You actually need to make sure you are eating 80-100 grams of protein daily. Start at the very beginning of your 2nd trimester or week 12-14 of your pregnancy. Every single cell is formed from protein. That means: baby, placenta, amniotic sac, amniotic fluid, blood, and the muscles of the uterus. You’re probably thinking, “That’s a heck of a lot of protein!” Yes it is, but your body and baby need it!

Click here are some tips on getting enough protein and having a healthy pregnancy. and other related content: the Dr. Brewer Diet for a Healthy Pregnancy

2. Start Exercising Now or
Just Keep Your Pregnant Body


Exercise and pregnancy may take a little motivation. You benefit from exercise and so does your baby. Exercise and pregnancy actually improves your baby’s cardiovascular system. It’s a win win situation. Walking daily during pregnancy is the easiest and probably most accessible exercise to do during pregnancy. 30 minutes of walking every day is enough. If you have time and energy for more, go ahead and get those 10,000 steps in.

Swimming is also very good for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. It also may help the baby to get in the best position for birth.

Another daily exercise every pregnant woman should do are pelvic rocks. Get on your hands and knees. Starting with a flat back, inhale and tilt the tailbone up. Exhale and tuck the tailbone under. You will be moving just the pelvis and low back. The upper back is stationary. If you suffer from carpal tunnel pain, you can rest your forearms on the floor or place a pillow under your hands. Do 50/day.

3. Practice Yoga for a More Enjoyable

Stretching, specifically, Yoga for Pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga has so many benefits for both the expecting mom and her baby. Studies have shown that practicing prenatal yoga 2-3 times/week in the last 10-12 weeks of pregnancy shortens labor, and reduces the mother’s perception of pain in labor. Pregnant moms learn how to breathe, stay in the moment, and respond to their contractions instead of react to them. You will meet other moms in a yoga class and make new friends with other pregnant women who are going through all the same changes that you are. Prenatal Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety, and depression. See related content here: Yoga and Pregnancy

4. Take a Nap

You are growing a new little person. You’re bound to be tired. Your body is working hard and overtime. Before you might have just pushed yourself through this feeling tired. But during pregnancy your body is giving you a message. You need to rest and, it’s not only okay, it’s necessary! And don’t forget to invest in a pregnancy pillow.

Sometimes we do feel tired and a nap is the solution. But if you find yourself still feeling tired, or fatigued, or even listless,  you may need an iron supplement. My favorite iron supplement is Energizing Iron. The only side effect is an increase in hemoglobin, the oxygen carrying protein in your blood. You are making blood for your baby every day, so beef up on the iron. You’ll start feeling better within a day or two if you take 3-6 daily with each meal.

5. Don’t Skip the Birth Class!

It is unbelievable to me how many people Do Not take a childbirth class. They are missing out on so much! You meet other expecting parents. You learn to work together as a team. There is so much to know. The biggest benefit of taking a childbirth class is that the information you get replaces the fear most people have about birth. When you understand what a normal process labor is, you realize there is very little to fear. You also will learn Comfort Techniques and other tools and skills to deal with the challenges of labor, together as a team.  It takes two people to make a baby and it takes a team to bring a baby into the world.  Additionally, it’s important to understand all of the ins and outs, and risks and benefits of the common medical procedures done in a hospital. Giving birth in the hospital can get complicated, especially if you don’t understand all of your options. So GET EDUCATED! Take the time to invest in one of the most important and memorable days of your lives.

6. Treat Yourself

Your body is changing so go shopping and buy just a few nice outfits to show off that baby bump. Retail therapy is always a nice treat. Go ahead and splurge and buy yourself some well-made stylish outfits. Don’t limit yourself to just big tee shirts or cheap leggings. Some other splurges might be a pregnancy massage, acupuncture, or a pedicure. Check out my Pinterest Board for Pregnancy Fashion Ideas. And plan on looking fantastic during this pregnancy.