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For expectant moms, finding the best exercise can be difficult because their bodies undergo a lot of changes, daily! Staying fit and healthy while pregnant can alleviate symptoms such as swelling, fatigue, and back pain.

Prenatal Yoga is now one of the best ways to get fit during pregnancy. It is a  workout and meditation, where breathing and doing several positions help connect your mind and body. There are a lot of benefits you can get from yoga that will help you get through your pregnancy and enjoy it more.


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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

    1. Manages Weight
      Gaining weight during pregnancy is inevitable because there is a growing baby in your uterus. Prenatal Yoga will help you stay active even when you are pregnant. You can also manage your healthy pregnancy weight gain by eating healthy snacks. If you feel tired, too lazy, or just too busy to head out to buy some food, you always have an option to make use of a great snack delivery service.
    2. Improves Sleep
      During pregnancy, sleeping can be a real challenge, especially in the second and third trimester as the baby grows exponentially bigger. Falling asleep is usually not a problem but staying asleep can be.  Pregnant moms wake up for a variety of reasons: hormones, having to pee, uncomfortable sleep positions. Yoga will help lessen the awakening of pregnant women, especially late at night. Researchers at Harvard discovered practicing yoga improved both quality of sleep and quantity of sleep. If you are experiencing insomnia, enrolling in a prenatal yoga class is the answer to your sleeping problem.
    3. Reduces Stress
      Your body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy which causes physical, mental, and emotional stress. Joining a yoga class is an excellent choice for stress management because it reduces depression, and enhances your mood and overall sense of well-being.

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4. Strengthens Pelvic Floor
Exercising your pelvic floor muscle is important during pregnancy because it supports the weight of the baby. It weakens from pregnancy and childbirth that is why it is vital to work these muscles. Practicing Mula Bandha or toning your pelvic floor/kegel muscles is part of a good yoga practice. Having a strong pelvic muscle can enable you to carry your baby comfortably during pregnancy.

5. Prepares You for Labor and Delivery
The breathing exercises you have undergone during yoga classes can be calming during labor and delivery. Practicing deep, slow, abdominal breathing during prenatal yoga and labor has been shown to lower mothers’ pain perception – they experience less pain in labor. Then, all the stretching and strengthening moves you have learned from yoga can help improve your delivery experience and help you recover


Pregnant women who participated in Prenatal Yoga have reportedly undergone a more comfortable delivery with less pain than those who did not. Even if you are not used to working out, you will definitely enjoy every class because it also serves as bonding time with your baby. Another bonus is meeting other expectant mothers.


Prenatal Yoga Poses

There are yoga positions that were designed for pregnant women’s bodies to help them be comfortable during their practice and pregnancy. Here are some of the best poses or asanas that can help expectant moms stay fit during pregnancy.

  1. Ankle to Knee Pose
    In yoga terms, it is known as the Agnistambhasana. This position is good for women who experience back pain during their pregnancy (almost everyone!). It also helps relieve tension in the muscles in and under your glutes and hips. But you need to warm up and prepare your body for this pose. It also helps to sit on a folded blanket or a block so that your hips are higher than your knees.

    Fire Log Pose Agnistambhasana lotus pose

    Fire Log Pose Yoga Journal

  2. Wide-Knee Child’s Pose
    Child's Pose

    Child’s Pose Yoga Journal

    This pose is also called the Balasana by yoga enthusiasts. As a pregnant woman’s belly grows, its weight can become a problem because it becomes heavier and heavier. Balasana relieves belly weight because this is  a powerful restorative position.

  3. Supported Fish Pose
    modify fish pose

    Supported Fish Pose Yoga Journal

    It is also known as the Supported Matsyasana pose which helps for a pregnant woman’s overall relief. It involves a small back bend that feels great for relieving the intense body pain you have been experiencing the whole day.  Use blocks, bolsters or blankets under your back for support

These are just some of the most popular positions done during prenatal yoga classes that help soothe common pregnancy ailments. They are specially designed to help pregnant women increase their flexibility and strength through techniques that are taught during classes.

Final Thoughts

If you are an expectant mom, joining a Prenatal Yoga class is the best exercise that you can do. Whether you have done yoga before or not, it is okay to try this activity as long as your doctor gives you the green light to stay physically active during your pregnancy. Make sure to add “Enroll in a Prenatal Yoga Class” to your birth preparation checklist to help you with labor pains and have a more comfortable delivery of your precious one. Try my other classes at