The Science Behind Doulas

Giving birth is as natural as, well, nature itself. Mothers have been doing it since the beginning of time. Unfortunately, our modern era turned the birth-giving process into a clinical, uniformed, and sterile procedure. This type of environment tends to bring discomfort and sometimes fear to the birthing mom.

Luckily, new moms can feel confident when receiving emotional and physical doula-support during childbirth now that it is getting recognition from the scientific and medical community. A mother who gives birth in a hospital under strict policies will more than likely spend a lot of their time coping on their own. A doula couch provides a reassuring and constant presence while offering support during labor.

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Let’s be real here, giving birth to a human being can be a daunting task that may seem impossible, especially to first-time moms. Mothers who receive support from a Doula gain confidence in themselves and their ability to give birth to their child. In turn, this can lead to a shorter labor time with less pain.

Mothers who have the right kind of support, such as that provided by a Doula, will experience less stress during the birthing process. Less stress means a lower chance of difficult labor that may require the use of instruments or even a cesarean.

A birthing mother that is in a relaxed state will also be beneficial to her newborn. Studies have shown that moms with Doula-supported deliveries have babies with a better Apgar score than those who do not.

The whole experience carries on to both the mother and child well after birth. It has been found that moms adapt to motherhood quicker and experience a more positive interaction with their baby after having gone through this experience.

The great news is that there has been an overwhelming amount of studies and findings reported by the scientific community in regards to the benefits of Doula Support. WeTheParents have compiled a list of 17 compelling studies that evidence the many benefits of Doula Support.

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Doulas: 17 Science-Backed Benefits