Here is the recipe I use for my aromatherapy spray in my prenatal yoga classes. I spray it on eye pillows each student gets at the end of all of my prenatal yoga classes. I’ve made this aromatherapy spray combination for years and sold it to my many of my prenatal yoga students. You can use this recipe any time and especially during labor.  You can also choose your own essential oil combinations and make your own favorite aromatherapy spray. Spray it on your pillow at bedtime. Spray it around the room, Spray it in your car. And spray it on a cotton ball and smell it during labor. It’s so relaxing.

Recipe for Yoga Janda Aromatherapy Spray

1. One clean 4 oz. glass bottle. Don’t use plastic bottles. Your spray will degrade the plastic and  it won’t last as long or smell good for very long.
2. Start by mixing one part Vodka with 2 parts water. I use the cheapest vodka I can find, stuff I wouldn’t drink. You can use rubbing alcohol or witch hazel but it doesn’t help the scent last as well or as long as the vodka does.
3. You can play around with different combinations to find what you like best.

Below is my famous aromatherapy spray recipe I use at the end of my yoga classes. Many of my prenatal yoga students have used this spray during labor. I use Now brand and Aura Acacia brand essential oils.

Mix together in a 4 oz. glass bottle:

• 2 parts distilled water
• 1 part vodka
• 2 tsp. lavender essential oil;  1 tsp. lemongrass essential oil ;  ½ tsp. geranium ;  ¼ tsp. orange oil

Shake and spray. The oils float to the top, so shake it every time you spray it. Enjoy!