how to findIt Takes A Lot To Grow Another Human

Practicing yoga during your pregnancy has become one of the essential ways to prepare both your body and your mind for the birth of your baby. In addition to preparing for birth, practicing yoga during your pregnancy is a popular and beneficial way – research proven* – for pregnant women to deal with their rapidly changing bodies. Pregnant women encounter a myriad of discomforts, aches, and pains because it takes a lot to grow another human!

Enjoy Your Pregnancy More

Yoga benefits pregnant women by alleviating and curing symptoms of constipation, back pain, swelling, sleep problems, anxiety, and stress. When you look at that list, pregnancy doesn’t sound like a lot of fun! But join a prenatal yoga class and you’ll enjoy your pregnancy a lot more. In addition to meeting other pregnant moms, yoga asanas (poses) stretch and strengthen your belly, back, and bottom. Yoga postures also help balance those pelvic muscles so that your uterus is better-aligned and postural imbalances are eliminated. That helps your baby get into the optimal position for labor. If baby is lined up just right in the uterus, labor has been shown to be more efficient, less complicated, and shorter. Well, who wouldn’t want that?
Stimulate Your Relaxation Response

 During labor and birth, deep breathing is the key to being able to relax. The more relaxed you can get, the less pain you experience, the more effective your contractions will be. Some moms feel anxiety during their pregnancy. The deep slow Ujayi breath practiced during yoga teaches moms-to-be to breathe deeply, down into their abdomens. This helps to stimulate the relaxation response in the body. It turns on the parasympathetic nervous system. Learning how to breathe and relax can completely change your perspective of the pain you may experience during labor. Some people even say it didn’t feel so much like pain as “intensity”. You may stop associating suffering with the pain of labor.

Find Comfort Physically And Emotionally

Finding a place where you can meet other moms-to-be, and feel supported by others great environment to put your self in. It will help you find more joy and comfort in your pregnancy experience. But finding a prenatal yoga class near you may not always be easy. Chances are there’s a yoga studio, or 3 or 4, near you. But, near me, yoga studios aren’t going to give a prime time, convenient time slot to a prenatal yoga class. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a yoga studio near you with a class, it’s may not be a convenient time. But don’t worry. You still have options. If you want a good class, make sure you find a teacher who is certified and experienced in teaching yoga for pregnancy. I have found the majority of yoga teachers know little to nothing about pregnancy and what yoga practices and postures are safe to do during pregnancy. If you’re lucky, your prenatal yoga teacher will also be a childbirth educator, doula, midwife, or someone who has a passion for pregnancy and birth in addition to yoga. The good news is, if there is nothing close by, there are a lot of very affordable choices online.

Places To Search For Pregnancy Yoga Classes Near You:

What If There Are No Prenatal Yoga Classes Near You?
Practice at home or anywhere you can take a phone, tablet, or computer:

Yoga is a safe and effective way to exercise during pregnancy. So what are you waiting for?



Liza Janda E-RYT 200, RPYT, AAHCC

*Research on benefits of prenatal yoga:

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