New Baby In The House?

If you’re a new parent, like I was 25 years ago, you may be stressing over a lot of things. The biggest thing for me with a newborn was desperately trying to figure out what she needed when she was apparently unhappy. I was so relieved when my daughter could finally talk or point to tell me what she wanted or needed. I looked through books, called my lactation consultant, asked my friends and family, and tried everything I could to figure out what the heck is wrong? What the heck does she need?

Life Can Be A Lot Easier

I wish Priscilla Dunstan had written this book and created her DVD back then. Life sure would have been easier and my poor crying child would have gotten exactly what she needed from me. And I wouldn’t have wasted so much time and had so much anxiety trying to solve the mystery of her cries.

All Babies From Birth To 3 Months Can Communicate

The first time I learned about Dunstan Baby Language was when Priscilla Dunstan appeared on Oprah. I was amazed that all babies from 0-3 months use the exact same cries, grunts, and noises to communicate. Every sound I heard was so familiar to me. I’d heard my own baby make the same sounds. You will know just from the sounds, or cries or grunts your baby makes, whether he/she is tired, hungry, needs to burp, or just wants a change of position while being held.

Though it really makes a difference if you watch the DVD, here are a few of the sounds your baby makes and what they mean:

“Neh” – Hungry

“Owh” – Sleepy

“Heh” – Discomfort

“Eair” – Lower Gas

“Eh” – Burp

I Highly Recommend The DVD and Book

Dunstan Baby Language came about after 13 years of research that found that babies’ cries are the only way they have to communicate and they can make themselves clearly understood. The DVD and the book will make your baby’s message crystal clear. So go ahead and make your life with a newborn just that much easier. Your baby will be a lot happier.