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When To Go To Your Birthplace? Use This Active Labor Formula To Decide

Before you even decide when to go to your birth place during labor, you have to get through early labor. Stay home as long as you can and labor at home, before even thinking about when to go to your birth place. Staying home during labor is usually longer than you think you should and longer than you may want to. But your labor will be a lot more productive if you stay at home.

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Sacroiliac Pain In Pregnancy: 10 Prenatal Yoga Poses To Strengthen and Stretch by Liza Janda

There are two main causes of sacroiliac pain and back pain in pregnancy.
One is stiffness or lack of flexibility in the pelvic muscles, or your sacroiliac joints are hyper-mobile or extremely flexible. WHAT CAN HELP
Increase flexibility by practicing the 10 yoga stretches below to relieve back pain and sacroiliac pain in pregnancy.
If lack of flexibility is the issue get regular chiropractic adjustments will help relieve back pain in pregnancy.
If hyper-flexibility is the issue, work on strengthening the lower back and core muscle groups to increase stability and reduce stress on the lower back.

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