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Abi’s Poem

Poems and prayers read during labor can have a dramatic and positive effect on the laboring mother, what she is thinking about and her emotions. Any positive things you can say or do surrounding the mother will encourage her and even make labor progress faster. Keep...

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Prenatal Yoga – Yoga For A Naturally Healthy Pregnancy

Your obstetrician may recommend prenatal yoga as a means to stay active while pregnant. Prenatal yoga is a great choice for pregnant women because it’s easily adapted to suit both your level of fitness experience, as well as all the stages of pregnancy. Yoga is not only effective, but it is completely safe during pregnancy if you follow certain guidelines; and, as an added bonus, prenatal yoga prepares your body for the process of labor and delivery. (1)
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Tips & Tricks For Relief Of Common Pregnancy Symptoms

First of all, common pregnancy complaints can really take the fun out of being pregnant!  Got any of these symptoms? Anemia, Backache, Constipation, Heartburn, Itchy Skin, Leg Cramps, and Swelling in pregnancy! This list comprises the most common pregnancy discomforts...

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