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Epidurals – 7 Questions and Answers

Even if you have not chosen to have a natural unmedicated birth and plan to get an epidural, you will need to know how to cope with your labor contractions until it's time to have the epidural administered.  As with any medical procedure, it is very important to know the risks as well as the benefits of having an epidural during labor. Below are the most commonly asked questions and answers regarding using an epidural during labor.
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Cesarean Birth? 10 Ways To Boost Your Baby’s Immune System

The human microbiome – bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. – live on us and in us. These bacteria work together to keep your body operating normally. THESE BACTERIA PROTECT YOU FROM DISEASE! When babies are born by Cesarean, they do not get the benefit of the “seeding” or establishment of the baby’s immune system.
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What Do Real Labor Contractions Feel Like?

Here is what I’ve heard over the 22 years I’ve been teaching Bradley Method® childbirth classes, including my own experiences: Like very strong menstrual cramps times 20 if lying down, but only times 10 if standing up Downward pressure on the vagina and rectum that...

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8 Pounds, 7 Ounces of perfection.

Luke Niels Brouckaert arrived on January 19, 2018, at 6:03am; 8 lbs. 7 oz., 21 inches of perfection. Now let’s rewind; I was set on a home birth with a midwife and as few interventions as necessary. My wife, Adrianne, was skeptical after her own experience with two...

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